Best way to win playing the "chill game."

I have been doing brazilian jiu jitsu for about 7 years and there is a “chill game” in the sport that I like to use where with newer or intermediate people I’ll just chill and work very specific fundamentals or concepts. I am able to manipulate my opponent by just using a few didactic fundamentals over and over without being very aggressive. I would like to take this same style and do it in UMVC.

Nowadays I usually either play UMVC when I’m either geeked out on coffee in the morning or I’m doped up on allergy meds at night and sleepy. The later I have a hard time withing with and I really just want to relax and win playing chill, if that makes sense. I’m not in any mood to wave dash all voer the place, vajra out annoying trishes or morrigans in the air, pay a whole lot of attention to instant overheads, frame traps, tick throws ect… A lot of the time at night I’m so tired I see 2 or 3 of my opponents character and my reaction times are 3-4 seconds slower than the present move. I mostly just wanna win using a few precise fundamentals. I think the best FG analogy I can make is winning with Guile in SF 2 and just knowing exactly what to do to win conceptually and chilling out in guile’s zoning sweet spot.

Some people have recommended Hulk or Vergil, but I get counter picked with missles+teleporting and I’m too tired to counter the assist and combo out and away of the missles after a confirm. I think the chillest pro I can think of Jwong in a lot of ways. He just sticks to the fundamentals and beats everyone for the most part.

Hopefuly some of this makes sense.

Nooblet in the house. I think you could consider Captain America. His simplicity hurts. A lot. His ever-vexing Charging Star and Hyper Charging Star that both have (AFAIK) great projectile-nullification are excellent ways to deal with some forms of zoning or to punish projectile hypers and stuff.

He’s got his own projectile and easy combo confirms, too, so you can pair him up with just about anybody; this goes double if you play him on point.

mm, it’s a little hard to tell you
I don’t think Marvel or any fighting game can be a chill game. I get what you mean, you want to treat it like a relaxation game, not a very hardcore, gotta focus game.

Nova is pretty fundamentals based. He has a lot of tools and very easy combos.