Best way to wire up a stick for ps3 and x360?

i’m having a case made and i’m going to wire it for ps3 and x360. it seems there are at least a few ways to do this:

  1. the regular dual mod with x360 pcb and a chimp

  2. just use the pcb from the joytron paewang revolution stick.

  3. wire it for ps2 and get the joytron xconverter 360 plus and the inpin converter

now what i wanted to know is what would be the best option? all i care about is stability/reliability. i currently have a dual modded TE stick but i don’t trust those madcatz pcbs. my RT has gone out a couple times already. it worked again when you unplugged and replugged it but still, that should never happen.

also, would getting a headphone port be an option for all of these or just for number 1?

thanks for any responses.

i’d say the revolution is the cheapest, simplest way to go ( i haven’t used it yet, but i’m willing to try it in the future) if you want headphone, #1 is the way to go (or just get with the times and buy a wireless lol) i don’t like using converters when i don’t have to

#3 is my favorite way

Joytron Revolution PCB is recommended since it cuts out most of the soldering job that you would expect in a dual mod project.

thanks guys for your responses. i think i’ll go with the joytron pcb.