Best ways to approach?

I’m tryng to figure out some better ways to approach and rush down an enemy with Cody. Right now I feel as if I’m always trying to jump in on people to start a lp lp mp cu after hitting them in the air.

I’ve tired using Ruffian kicks to get in, but those tend to get punished a lot.

Any tips?

f. hk, cr. mk, and f. mp are all tools that I’ve used to approach the enemy closer. However if they tend to turtle way too much and fireball just play with bad stone for a bit, show em you can keep up with em. lp bad stone to gain momentum then mp bad stone.

Zonk, f+mp, slide, jump, EX Ruffian (through fireballs, dont do it raw) Sometimes faking rocks works to bait a fireball, jump over it or EX ruffian if you think you wont get hit during start up.

In more words, very carefully.

I really love cr. MK. I find it to be great after you land a Air to Air move.

yup nothing better than when the opp. tries to cross up only for you to into grab

Everyone already gave good answers, so I’ll jsut throw in my favorite method of getting in.
Which just so happens to be… walk.

Yesterday at Arcadia, I walked a pretty good Seth player into the corner, with zero attacks.
Did it to a Bison player too. It was the main reason I won, since I don’t know the Bison matchup too well.

i’ve learned to stop chasing. i’ll just sit back and continuously throw rocks at them until they decide to stop running and come at me.

Congratulations. If they have a projectile, or at least know how to nj and focus, you’ve just given them either super, ultra, or both, while building none yourself. Sitting back and throwing rocks is not viable unless you’re using it to try and get in. Hence the problem.

mixing between delaying, throwing and faking rocks can really fuck with their momentum
also throwing rocks can help build meter if you’re relatively close to another ex stock


i can spam rocks and build my super, or focus their projectiles just the same.


Yes, when i spam rocks i spam rocks/focus the same as they do… we both build things.
Once i build one ex, focus dash forward one fireball and you are close to the perfect ex rufian kick distance, and with hp bingo ready… so interesting things may happen from there, it’s time to guess what are they going to do and punish :smiley:

Back then I was able to surprise a lot of people with building the ex and zonk… Lately I guess people just don’t want cody to build meter haha. If I’m going against a shoto and keeping up with rocks they give up and start coming at me.
I love lp rocks its such a versatile little thing. I wish it was maybe 1 or 2 more frames faster, but for having a +4 on block, its a beautiful thing.


I love surprising them w/ a “Bingo!” and ending the match w/ a “Bingo!”