Best ways to beat BB

Hey for some reason BB Hood is a character I have a pretty hard time beating up. Sentinel Cable and Mags don’t bug me (I have played them enough to beat them most times) but Hood gives me trouble. I have faced a few teams that spam assists and her missiles and mines and I cant get close to do any damage. And if I do start to combo a mine will take me out or she will throw me. By the time I finally do start hitting her they have 3 super bars and take all my health if I give them an opening.

Basically I am just curious what’s a good strategy to take out BB specifically, whats her weaknesses? Also any strategy on taking out those 3 super bar instant kill teams is appreciated.

the teams I run are… Basically I stay away from god tiers for the most part.

1.Cap America (Dash), Tron (Proj), Doom (Anti Air)
2.Omega Red (Throw), Blackheart (Anti Air), Sentinel (Ground)
3.Rogue (Throw), Ryu, (Anti Air), Guile (Anti Air)
4.Spiral (Ground), Tron (Throw), Doom (Anti Air)

The main problem I run into is when my zoning characters/assists are dead I lose my offense on a runaway BB and she chips me to death with her gun super.

Thanks in advance!:yawn:

  1. Always try to stay near BB throughout the match, if you are far away super jump towards her location and be prepared to block and such. BB isn’t combo deadly but she CAN chain together cool hunting and most BB users will try to do that. Blocking cool hunting can lead to an opening if you are close enough, so punish when you can.

  2. You can snap BB out and deal with her assist. BB really needs a helper to do most of her dirt, and alone she isn’t as formidable than say a BB with one/two helpers. If you are fighting a scrub, then chances are they’ll try to switch BB back in because they don’t have much experience with a character primalry used for assist. Punish, punish, punish.

  3. Defensively, BB is pretty horrible. A good few smacks will down her immediately, this is why most will try to play keep away and spam missiles/cocktails. Just be patient, and time your attacks. You’ll know when you are facing either a scrubby BB or a good BB by the way they use cool hunting. If you are facing a scrubby BB they’ll get trigger happy and throw ou CHs randomly (sometimes in effort to nail your assist). Try to predict what they’ll do and super jump/double jump over.

Good BB players require more tactic but still weak to the same cons, expose them right and you’ll down them just as easy.

[*]Don’t sit there on the ground and eat single missles.

[*]Punish the gun super, especially if it’s not full screen. She sits there for like a whole second.

[*]Don’t chase her too hard.

[*]Punish her even harder if you block one of her other supers. Wait for her on rebound for the Grandma super; wait for all 5 apples on the Hyper Apple For You.

Good stuff but the BB player on live I faced was no scrub I could not even get near this guy to punish him his runaway was amazing.

Also, watch out for the s.HK. If you don’t notice that mine, it can stop rushdown immediately. It also protects assists from non-projectile attacks, generally.

Depending on the team, watch out for THCs. With other good supers, a THC can A. kill on hit and B chip about 25% of your health.

what was his gamer tag?

dunno it was awhile ago

What you should do, is be methodical against BB teams. Shes not much solo, but has devastating THC’s. The whole spamming missles deal, is not as aggravating as it seems. Dont stay on the ground a lot, since thats where you’ll have a hard time avoiding damage. A lot of that is really baiting and safe play, not really for damage. But people tend to get too excited, and get hit by the missles for being so. Another thing is, bait assist yourself (huh?). Yeah, when you assist, usually your opponent’s eyes will light up, ready to kill off your assist. But simply jump over, and snapback, HC etc. Let that assist take some damage for the time being, to possibly snapback and kill their assist. Dangerous tactic, but beneficial on occasions. But, looking at your teams, in which the characters are kinda slow as far as mobility, air dash, etc. I wouldnt advise that. In general, attack her crouching defense. Shes short, in which a lot of jump ins and standing attacks whiff, giving her a opening for THC’s. With Captain America, use his cross-over w/assist. This neutralizes her “happiness” for THC against your assist. Nice tactic with Caps. With Spiral, simply frustrate your opponent with sword chip, the way they frustrate you with missles, also a neutralizer.

thanks revolta thats great stuff

Yeah, Im sure youve played the computer version of BB. SHE IS FRUSTRATING!!!

You’ll beat her, but she’ll agitate the heck out of you in the process. Ive used that experience with the computer, and kinda transferred it to matches against BB opponents. Most likely, they’ll play the same way the computer does, so practice fighting against the computer version a lot, to get used to her rabid style. I would also try to knock off her assist as well, shes not much by herself. Of course, people who are pretty good with her will protect, but she doesnt really have any intimidating counters, because she cant do THC with the assist out there, so she can only do her supers, which by itself is not as bad. So, try to punish her assist, to make her cry for REAL!!! lol…

Assist baiting has REALLY helped me alot against her.