BEst ways to hold a Stick

Does anyone know?

I need to figure out the best ways. Especially for a game like DOA. For some reason I am straight when it comes to SF or Tekken but like VF or DOA i have a hard to figuring out the best possible way to hold the stick so i can get the commands i need.

I don’t think there is a way which is the TRUTH, just hold the stick the way you feel is natural to you, worked best for me.

Sounds like you just need more practice in those games.

Pretty sure Perfect Legend doesn’t need any more DoA practice. Until you’re used to a different grip, you won’t be able to feel an improvement anyway so I don’t really see the point. Most people automatically adopt whatever feels natural and comfortable to them. I guess you could try wineglass grip for a while and see if its an improvement.

Of course, my bad :frowning:

Is that you?


Are you playing on American stick or a Jap stick?

For jap sticks… for 3rd fighters I place my finger right over the ball and have my thumb on the right and ring on the left side.

But you have to practice and find whats comfortable to you. Fastest way to practice is to use your stick to play EVERYTHING. You will notice a great improvement if you do this.

Why does everyone use a pad on those tournaments on G4? I don’t see anyone ever using a stick. Part of the rules?

I meant more practice on stick in those games.

I play Doa same way i play evey game (exept tekken) but thats just me. There should be a vid on youtube which shows a lot of ways to hold a stick.

there’s no ‘perfect’ way to hold or handle a stick. its all about personal preference or whatever its called

I’ve been wondering this too. What would be the easiest way to do hcb+hk to qcf+lk+hk for magneto’s hypergrav to tempest. I have a hard time getting his hyper grav out consistently.

just hold the stick many different ways and practice until you are comfortable with how you hold the stick:wink:

I am new to stick and I have a hori ex2. Im adjusting to it quite fine but I have 1 ridiculous problem. I CANNOT DO SUPERS ON THE LEFT SIDE! WHENEVER IM ON THE P1 SIDE, MOTIONS BECOME IMPOSSIBLE! And btw, ive been practicing on it for months!

I had/still have problems doing down + left motions on a stick too. Not nearly as bad as when i started using stick though. I say you just put that ex2 in the best position for you (lap, chair, etc) and just keep workin on it man. hit up that practice mode. I know from experience that ex2s are a little too small and nimble to sit in your lap though. i would try putting it in a place thats level yo your hands as possible.

Practise really helps, there is no shortcut to life.

Whichever hold position you choose, always remember to keep a firm grip on the shaft at all times.
I cannot stress this enough.

You’ll be facing a top tier Hitomi or Ayane, your hand will be perspiring a bit from the constant action, and just as you’re about to finish the job…


your hand slips and now you’re flaccid.

IMO the fastest way to get your execution up is to do this:

1: Start up the game with your stix
2: Go into practice mode
3: start performing fireballs, shoryus, and HCFs until you can get them easy 15/15 times. Jump to P2 side and do the same(this will help with hurricane kicks, reverse shoryus and HCBs on P1 side as well). After that practice whatever supers/stupid special motions you still can’t get until you do it about 10/10 times
4: ???
5: Profit/win that money

I will be answering a few questions.

  1. In those vids I was using a pad.
  2. The matches on G4 everyone uses pad cause thats what they started with. DOA doesn’t have a large Arcade fanbase. All those players are like 30+ in age.
  3. I am not asking for a perfect way to hold the stick just different ways that I can try that I don’t know so I can find out which one best suits me.

I can’t stand buying pad after pad and the circuit boards die out on my then I have to buy a new pad. Remod it …etc I just want to be able to play. If I am playing on stick and it breaks I can just buy a new one and be able to adjust fine. Just like players in the arcades.

Also my biggest experience I have had playing a game on stick was back in the MK days but other than that I am a stick noob.

you might want a US stick instead of a japanese stick since MK cabs use US sticks and those might feel more comfy to you. You probably have to get one custom made for the 360 since theres no manufactured 360 US stick ( i dont beleive) yet. US sticks are generally bigger and bulkier so you would be fine with a chair in front of you or a desk in front of you. I couldnt imagine using a US stck in my lap.

I play with my MAS clone (All Happ comp) on my legs when I’m sitting playing at the PC. It’s very comfty

I can play on about anything but prefer Seimitsu, Sanwa, Happ Competition (Old Style). The way I hold my stick is kind of wierd in that I don’t really hold it but have my fingers and my thumb form a ring around the stick and just tap it. Whatever works I suppose.