Best wirecast settings for streaming and recording?

What are the recommended settings for me to stream AE and marvel? like what screen resolution and key frames etc?

I have a dual core processor with 4gb of ram running windows 7.
my upload speed peaks at about 700 kbs.
my download is at 7 mb

I have a hauppauge HD PVR, so i capture the screen of my total media extreme program.
What are the recommended settings for me to stream AE and marvel? like what screen resolution and key frames etc?

Also, usually when i record, i just record off of total media extreme and i can get the quality in 1080.
I want to record through wirecast because of the additional graphics added (lower thirds, logos transitions etc). how do i optimize this? everything i’ve tried has my recording copy very choppy and poor looking.

thanks in advance.

i am honesty having the same issue.

It really depends on your computer specifications and bandwidth.

Now I’m assuming your upload is 700 Kbps and not KB/s. That’s actually fairly low so high resolution, bitrate, and framerate probably won’t be an option.

Can you list the rest of your specifications like processor model/speed and RAM? Especially since you’re going to be using whatever software you need to view the output of the hauppauge plus SCFH or vhscrcap plus wirecast.

Just use Xsplit. You can get a high quality stream using it.

Here are my specs. I really think that aside from my dismal upload rate, that it must be some generic setting that i am failing to put correctly.

Windows 7
Processor: Intel® core™ 2 CPU 6320 @1.86Ghz
32 bit OS

I actually use the screen capture program that comes with wirecast. its called producer or something.

You’ll be hard pressed to stream off of wirecast with that processor. Wirecast 4 uses up a ton of cpu power.

You can try Xsplit, though buggy is much better for you with what you have.

thanks for the information. i wonder if my laptop might run it better
I have a question though. the proprietary software that the HD PVR comes with allows me to capture video in HD.

I want to capture it with transitions and music and lower thirds. What do I set my recording settings in wirecast in order to get a true HD capture? Am I limited by my hardware specifications the way I am with streaming? or am i just messing up the settings?