Best wired PCB for PS3

I need to know what is the easiest or most economical choice for obtaining a PCB to hack for the PS3. I’ve hacked a Mad Catz 360 Retro and numerous Dreamcast pads, so I have experience with the easiest and one of the most difficult (having to scrape 1mm x 1mm solder pads… ugh).

I know the Cthulhu is by far the easiest, but I need to finish my stick asap (it’s for a friend with a ps3, and practice for an upcoming SFIV tournament). I don’t have time to put an order in and wait for shipping. Is there any cheap third party pads? Or possibly PC pads that work on the PS3?

But the older DS3’s and Sixaxis are doable

I went to the used videogame store around here and they had ONE PS3 third party pad for sale and it was forty dollars. :S

I told my roommate about my situation and he said that old Logitech Dual Action gamepads for the PC also worked for the PS3. He had an old one that was falling apart, so he gave it to me to pad hack.

A couple hours later and voila, I have a stick that works for my PS3.

I wired up on of those nyko airflo pc pads and everything was there… even a 4.5v that i didnt even have to mess with and it worked perfect with my p360…

Cool, I didn’t know this. I have a few of them.

awesome. glad everything worked out.