Best wireless ps2 pad?


I’m looking for a decent wireless ps2 pad. hopefully they exist. I have a logitech cordless action controller for ps2, but the analog stick is SUPER SUPER sensitive, and im not very fond of the dpad. Does anyone know if there is a wireless pad with an analog stick that functions similar to the oem sony pad? I dont play to seriously with my ps2 anymore, but I do like to go back to GT3/4 occasionally, and I’d rather play wirelessly.

anyone have any experience/suggestions?


I had the Logitech Cordless Action Controller, I ended up giving it away to a friend after I got a Logitech Cordless Precision Controller.

I really like this controller, it feels heavier and more durable than an official wired Sony PS2 pad.

Also, I got one of these and promptly got a refund the next day.


I’ve always been told the Logitech Cordless Action Controller was the best. I’m sure either Logitech would be fine, but I would avoid any other brand.


i was just playing with the cordless action on gt4. i guess the analog isnt as sensitive as a thought it was. but when i use it on street fighter anniversary edition, its horrendous. analog is useless as well as the dpad. i guess i’ll leave my street fighter play on the ps3.

is the cordless precision controller the updated version of the cordless action, or visa versa?


I’m pretty sure Logitech cordless action is best one and is upgraded precision controler.

And IIRC the diffrence is only in analog buttons (and possibly rumble i don’t remember if precision has it)


The Precision was a PS2 version of a PC controller - I have both.

The Precision is a newer controller though. The Cordless Action has been out for a long time.


I can also recommend the Logitec. I’d never even seen one before but my wife had one back when we started dating and I fell in love with it.