Best Wooden Box Makers?


Who make’s the best wood boxes for fight sticks on here ?


Fomehammer Shop and @jonyfraze are the ones I know of. Arcade PC Custom Cases on the trading outlet as well.


Try simplecase, soujistiks as well…


Honestly you can’t go wrong with any of those cases suggested so far. I myself have a FoeHammer one and I quite like it.


Thanks for the reply yall. I decided to make my own.


Soujistiks, hell yeah. Simplecase, ehh…

Just check his trading outlet thread and you’ll see what people are dealing with there.


SimpleCases went MIA didn’t they?


Yeah, but I hear he’s selling cases again. It’s kind of a buyer beware situation since I’ve heard he’s scammed people in the past. I’d recommend Souji though, having a stick built from him right now


I had good experiences with both these makers recently. Great communication and everything came withing the time fram promised.

and ArcadePC.MX


I love that Morrigan stick so much, every time I see it on this forum I just get a little jealous.


Simplecase (took a chance) and foehammer respectively