Best/Worst alpha counter in sfxtekken?


Which characters have the best alpha counters? Whose AC does the most damage and has nice combo potential off a tag. I know akuma has one of the best; 120 damage and full combo potential off a tag. Who else?

Who has the worst?


Best: Dhalsim (2 hit combo)

Worst: Abel - I’m not a Abel player, but all he does is roll. Meh


Guile, no contest. You don’t have to input a forward motion.


Rufus AC is pretty bad. 90 damage and half the time only 60 if you arent close enough.It also knocks opp far away making it impossible to combo afterward.


But Rufus’s counter is safe on block…
i’m not a Abel’s palyer too,but if he counter a move with more recovery on his roll,he can perform a full combo punish…

I’ thinks Ken’s one of the best because is very fast.


Julia: is really slow.
Lars: AC whiffs on certain range because it goes straight up
Jin/Kaz: are not good against jump ins because they cross under but are suiteable for tag-combos

Abel: is quite good! If you can manage it right you’ll be rewarded with a full dmg bnb
Steve: is a good one against pressure. basically it’s the same as julias but it comes out faster
Hwoarang: better than lars’ + suited for tag-combos


Elena’s doesn’t even seem to give you a safe raw tag…


neither does guile’s, i don’t think


Juri, Christie and Marduk all have shitty alpha counters.

Well Christie’s AC is pretty fast but you can’t combo after a switch.


Guile’s Alpha counter is very good.


Ryu’s Alpha Counter (Shinkuu Tatsumaki) is decent. It hits a lot and knocks the opponent to a safe distance for you to raw tag to safety.

Sagat’s Alpha Counter kind of suck, though. It’s a Tiger Knee which whiffs all the time and it doesn’t even knock the opponent out.


Sagat’s alpha counter is actually a Tiger Uppercut and it’s useful for switch cancel juggles.

Don’t sleep on Abel’s. It can punish some heavy moves, and most moves that people use to switch cancel off of (think Rolento)


Oh, it’s a Tiger Uppercut indeed. I just tested it again. :o

It must’ve been really a long time since I used the guy. o_O


Law’s AC is really bad it’s really slow and Jack-X’s alpha counter is quite shitty too because it comes out so slow.
Dhalsim’s AC is one of the best, hits very high to combo after switch.


Akuma has a pretty good AC, a 3 Frame invulnerable dragon punch that does about 170 damage by itself and can be easily switch cancelled into your partner for a lot more damage.


Actually, Akuma’s dp AC isn’t THAT good, if it hits with 3 hits it’s great, when it hits once it only does 60. And it doesn’t have that much range to get max damage.


For serious Guile. You just mash hp and hk.


Heihachi’s Alpha Counter is pretty crappy because it resets the situation and now he has to somehow get back in AGAIN when it took him so long to get in there in the first place.


Is Guile’s AC being hp+hk intentional? Wouldn’t this have been fixed by now if it weren’t?

Alpha Counters are definitely under-utilised. Someone needs to just spend some time in training mode and chart up all the properties, frame data, pros and cons of all the alpha counters. And then make a tastefully animated power-point presentation about it.


Raven’s Alpha counter never hits for me. It’s absolutely terrible.