Best XBOX pad for 3S

well at the moment, i cant afford a stick but soon i will most likely buy one from dreadedfist, but in the mean time, what is the best PAD used for your xbox to play 3strike? I use the old big pads, but the dpads on them are so fucking stiff that i usually dont get the motions out correctly. They layout on the buttons seem to be the best on that pad. Ok alright thats it, thanks for any input.

People like this pad the best:

It is only for Playstation though, so you will need an adaptor (Magic Box if you can find one). I don’t think there is a good pad made specifically for the XBox.

There are these pads:

But you can read the reviews on that page.

i came across this
but its just made for the xbox. any difference. i might just splurge right now and buy it