Best YouTube Channels For SFV?


List/link your favorite YouTube channels for Street Fighter V, whether they be dedicated to tutorials, matches, or specific to a particular player.

(Disclaimer: I performed a search for a thread such as this one, but given my scrub status in the forums, I did not succeed.)


Just follow the top players on Twitch instead.


Twitch is a great resource. I already follow a great deal of players on it.


The only guy that comes to mind is maximilian dood


These are some of the people I’m subbed to:

Cross Counter TV
Team Spooky
Team Spooky After Hours (by Sabin)
Justin Wong
[TokidoFans] blog


hi lol i used to post alot of SFIV content and i plan to start posting sets soon


Sideshow20, what is your username/channel on YouTube?


Chuns: Majorboy, Sabrina (if they’re not playing Cammy), Nuki777, ei2000
Cammy: ANGRYPoongko, Sabrina, Cobelcog (note these are probably straight up the best 3 Cammys in the world)
Ryu: Dracaufeu, Fourwude, Sildenafl, Damdai, Nacer, DAIGO UMEHARA
Nash: Kyo_Anton, Yukadon, Gamerbee, RZRInfiltration, Bazoukha
Vega: Timely Howard, PR-Balrog
Bison: Phenom, Galtu, TampaBison, Gagapa, GoldenCen
Rashid: aaaaaaaaaa (yep), Gachikun maybe
Zangief: Hotaru, Quatttro, KBTlT810 (it’s an L in the middle), cool kid 93, BrickSWE
Ken: pH_Jame, ryo74sf
Laura: Ginodacampo, xWolfkronex, whatever ChrisG’s handle is (just look at a VOD), SonicFox
Karin: Mago2dgod, Ahochimpanzee
FANG: Kanichin, ON_KGB|Fidoskin
Birdie: Itazan, Fridzmaster, KungFuJesus
R. Mika: CaptainTiger, TheMayor
Necalli: Nimo_0, Gamerbee, PR-Balrog
Dhalsim: TSSabin, fchampryan, dain111

A lot of these guys you can find on twitch

Street Fighter V Stream Commentary Thread
Street Fighter V Stream Commentary Thread

Cough* Gank Spank