Best Zangief combo alive and it hurts!

The combo works for Zangief and Sent. ground assist.
Works on any size character only in the corner properly timed.
combo: jumping spining Lariat into a standing spining Lariat otg lk. (standing rh.+ sent assist)into forward, down half circle forward lk. grab, drones hit during grab, RESET!, jumping during drone hits,land,regular or super grab. They life bar has either 15% or none. Let’s go! :badboy:

Not trying to knock your combo

but it has a OTG and reset in it and that usually is not that good.

a better combo is:

cross up splash, c. lp, c. mp (launch) j. lk, (slow) j. mp (wait) HP spinning pile driver

or you can do around 100+ damage if you end the air combo with a neutral HP

then you land right on top of them before they get up and then you use zangief’s throw options for a reset:

  • C. lp, dash

  • Spd/c.lp (wait) SPD

  • Tiger Kneed Spd (or jump up foward SPD)

  • C. lp, Running bear slam (hcf+ k)

  • DF+ HK (close)

  • Lk Air Throw

The standing SPD does the most damage

most of these options lose to attacking and some lose to jumping

or teching I like the guarenteed damage of the air spd but sometiems if i’m feeling lucky i’ll try for the extra bit of damage.

Let me cover what they lose to and the pros and cons.

- C. lp, dash


Basically a free throw attempt since you can block at anytime, you do good damage if you mash the kick throw (around 32 for me)or do the punch throw into a assist.


Tends to lose to attacks and of course loses to jumpers.

- Spd/c.lp (wait) SPD


Does most damage

Doesn’t really lose to attackers since it’s so fast


Loses to jumpers

- Tiger Kneed Spd (or jump up foward SPD)


Grabs both air and ground opponent

Still does good damage but a little less than ground spd (around 10 less damage)


Kind of Slow, unless you time the grabbing part perfectly you can be hit out of it.

- C. lp, Running bear slam (hcf+ k)


Does decent damage

Does not really require timing since it will grab them as soon as they get out of block stun and are able to be thrown

Super armor

Can be used as a mix up to those used to countering c. lp, dash


Leaves you pretty open, especially HK version

Loses to jumpers

- DF+ HK (close)


Okay i lied, when mashed really well it does more than a ground spinning pile driver (i’ve seen it do 48 damage)

if it doesn’t come out you do standing round house instead of a whiffing animation which should beat a few attacks if they try to attack but loses to assists


Loses to jumpers

Normal throw range

can be tech hit out of i think

- Lk Air Throw


Does good damage

Pretty good priority against jumpers

If they don’t roll you get on top of them and get a chance at ANOTHER reset

Good recovery


Loses to people who stay on the ground

Still may lose to certain attacks although it’s very unlikely to my knowledge

Can still be punished, it doesn’t have instant recovery or anything although it’s really good

Even though sometimes they won’t roll, it’s still rollable and after a while they probably will