Best zoning assists for Chris on point



Absolutly loving Chris 2nd with haggar / hulk.
Just wondering though guys if i was to put Chris on point what do you think would be his best assist for a pure zoning style team?
Preferably no doom :stuck_out_tongue:

(even though i know doom and chris are sweet together)


Storm, Vergil, Akuma, Ryu, Ghost Rider, Sent etc etc anyone with push back on their assists try it out. I use Iron Fist’s rising fang and get good results with it.


I had the idea of Chris, Strider and Sent but I just seem to be getting blown up with Sent anchor )just seems rather predictable these days)
and strider takes 2nd spot as i feel he’s great with Drones plus Vajra is nice for chris and those pesky super jumpers but strider just dies from too much random stuff as people panick when they see him and mash full supers etc


Strider is def one of the better assist for Chris, I was using him earlier this year but as of right now I dropped him and replaced him with for sent drones pretty much because I also picked up spencer and drones are godlike for that character and work really well with chris too.

but as far as getting blown up with sent as anchor? i’m assuming you are talking about when u call drones? just don’t randomly call drones, u need to cover sent with some machine gun spray or be moving forward with flame grenades and making sure sent is off the screen so he doesn’t get punished. As far as playing sent as anchor… yea he is pretty bad and can get opened up but his damage is still good. also something I do which catch alot of people is use his fierce drones (the carpet bombs) or whatever it’s called. those things hit people almost all the time, especially teleport characters. Alot of sentinals don’t use that move enough.


Honestly, I don’t use it, lol.
Hmmm still can’t decide.
Bact to the lab;)


Jam Session, Task’s Horizontal or Diagonal arrows, Vajra, H. Missiles, Rapid Slash, Magnetic Disruptor, Low Voltage.


I’d imagine repulsor blast would help him too with teleporters. Plus combo extension.


It’s a difficult combo extension for Chris from what I tried. You can do some weird stuff with it but it’s not very consistent.


Yeah, applying hitstun decay to assists did no favors for Repulsor Blast.

Alright, so first of all, I don’t think strictly zoning with Chris is the way to go with him, but if that’s your goal, you want anything that can cover the top corner of the screen opposite of Chris. of the screen. So Vajra, Task vertical arrows, Hawkeye Kamikaze shot (the one that rains them down), and yes, as you say, the all-too-often used hidden missiles.


Vergil - Rapid Slash = push people away completely.
Haggar - Lariat = get off me, invincible crossover counter
MODOK/Magneto/Ironman/Doom Beam = nothing like clearing shit out of the screen so Chris can plant a mine/toss a grenade for free.
Doom Hidden Missiles = Chris can protect it. and force chip.
Dronez/Weasel Shot/Cold Star = Lockdown. toss a grenade
Strider - Vajra = hard knockdown, which Chris can take full advantage of, or just at least get people the hell out of the air.
dante - jam Session harder to convert into damage then Weasel, but far better for Defensive minded Chris.
Jill Somersault, Hulk AA Charge - Its invincible.
LOG TRAP - should be obvious.
Task Arrow, Hawkeye Arrows, Arthur daggers - Sweet, more stuff flying at people! Perfect to toss a fire nade and then shoot guns
Strange Bolts of ballsack/Eye of Avocado
Trish traps - I think he can use them both.

I want to go AGAINST hawkeye and Taskmaster’s vertical arrows and I say this from personal experience:

It SOUNDS good on paper. but it’s not as good in application. shoot the assists the enemy wants to be in the air and you want to bring them down you use Vajra, Jam Session, Missiles, or Level 3 snipe.

using Hawk/Task up arrows is just asking them to get picked off when they shoot the assist faster then Chris gets his guns off, and that can mean a happy birthday against you. if the enemy is Wolverine and like to divekick, WELCOME them with a landmine or a well timed Fire grenade then kill him for being stupid.

I’d rather use Hawkeye’s Poison Shot instead of overhead arrows. because at least there after a combo you can OTG pistol, poison tip xx free fire nade. if they swing and hit you fire nade blows up and you kill them, if they dont they are scared of firenade, proceed to flamethrower for more chip while poison ticks away.

I play Chris with the complete intention of playing keepaway. I can’t say it is totally effective because unless you go in for damage you are delaying the inevitable and you will still need damage from combos. You want to fish for mistakes calmly and once you have the opening you go in HARD.

for complete runaway I recommend my team of Chris (Boulder Punch for invincible Cross Over Counter or Gunfire to keep Dante safe during normals) Dante (Jam Session for full on runaway or Weasel Shot for lockdown/chip setup/combo extension/help the next guy) Strider (Vajra)

This team is good. if Strider gets snapped in Chris can boulder punch his way in. and even then both assists can help Strider anyway. Dante loves boulder punch assist.

The only shitty thing about the team is that Chris boulder punch gets the sweep combo for a THC.


So you’re a fellow Chris/Iron Fist user. Who is your third character? Do you find Rising Fang redundant based on how integral wall-bounces are to Chris’ combos?


Spitfire twice is a nice assist to call right before M.gun fire. You can plink dash up to them afterward, or you can sj.M. gun fire and call spitfire and it’s ambiguos as hell. Coon and Chris make a nice duo.

Shopping cart is a good assist behind Chris too, if you’re a good plink dasher. You can easily grab them before they recover.


Chris boulder punch is invincible on crossover? That’s godlike.

I’ve been using Chris(gun fire)/Haggar(lariat)/Dante(JamSession) and the lariat crossover into XF creates the easiest of kills usually without meter, great way to deal with ignorant vergils who think swords is enough to protect them. Also, sitting in a corner with chris is a great way to bait a rapidslash while they try to open you up, and the activation into swords isn’t safe with that in your back pocket.

And now i hear this boulder punch tech. Is their anything chris and haggar can’t do together?