Best Zoning Character(s)?

Whether it’s with projectiles or good pokes, which character(s) in SSF4 can control space the best? I’ve always liked these types of characters instead of the RTSD characters so I want to give 'em a try in this game. I’m still super scrubby at the game and it’s taking me awhile to find a character I enjoy.

In my opinion Guile. Best fireball + awesome defense.

My vote would go to either Dhalsim or Akuma, personally. If you get good with Dhalsim, fighting him can be like fighting a brick wall, if a brick wall was punching you every time you moved towards it.

I was expecting answers like Guile and Dhalsim, but why do you say Akuma? I know he has a fireball, but I always picture him as a rushdown/mixup character. I’m not saying you’re wrong I just want a small explanation.

dan, hawk, hakan, makoto, and probably geif i guess.

I would try dhalsim

Guile, Dhalsim, Sagat, and Ryu are tops. Akuma has a good fireball but his game is more rushing down to start the knockdowns and combos.

Because he has the same zoning abilities of Ken/Ryu, which is basically Hadouken > They Jump In > Shoryuken > Repeat

Guile is the same way, but he can also use his awesome Air Throw.

If you’re proficient with them…Then Dhalsim is probably the best at it. Straight off the bat though Ryu and Sagat have some very basic but effective zoning.

His air fireball creates some interesting zoning. I wouldn’t list him as a pure zoning character like dhalsim, but he does have a solid defensive/keepaway game.

Because his fireballs give him alot of great control in my (admittedly short) experience, with his air fireballs making movement headaches for his opponents. He sees alot of play as a rushdown character, but that doesn’t mean he can’t zone. he has all the tools he needs to play a keepaway game, between his three fireball variations (air, red, and regular), a teleport, DP, etc. He isn’t a ‘pure’ a keep away character like Dhalsim, true, but he can cater to that playstyle.

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