Best Zoning Team?

For both MVC3 and UMVC3, though we canonly guess on the latter. Also, any discussion of what characters are rumored to play like might go here since we’ll need to guess at it to get an idea of how they play.


Rocket Raccoon

Right now the best zoning team is Taskmaster/Sent/Phoenix IMO.

Phoenix def is one of the best Zoning characters, but I don’t really know about Sentinel. Would he be for the drones? And for UMV3, I can’t see Tasky being better then Hawkeye, nor can i see Phoenix being a good zoner.

Deadpool(w/e)/Sent Drones/Shuma Mystic Ray

Everybody gets shot.

Wolverine/“X”/Akuma. Because the best zoning is putting them into the rape zone.

Tasky (a)/Dorm (a or b)/Doom (b)

Shit is annoying as fuck

Shit, the last time I got bodied was by this team. :bluu:

Task (a)/ Haggar (a)/ Doom (b)

Far safer and both task and doom can do a ton of damage from the hard knockdown of lariat if they ever get in.

Best thing I’ve read all week

hsienko/arthur/morrigan is best zoning team

Deadpool/Dorm/Taskmaster is really annoying.

Modok with his shield, trish with peekaboo, doom with missiles.

Shield can obviously kill most of the stuff any other zoning team will use, especially next game. peekaboo kills teleports, missiles kills super jump

Dormammu (a), Sentinel (a), Akuma (b)

Akuma goes through all projectiles they might try to throw your way, and is your “get off me” assist. If it hits, you get a free combo into Chaotic Flame with Dormammu. It can also be used in combination with Flame Carpet to OTG and relaunch in the corner or OTG-> Forward+H ->Dark Hole -> Chaotic Flame for a bit of extra damage and ease of use over his normal OTG -> super combo.

Sentinel Missiles assist is perfect for Dorrmammu. That plus dark holes and flame carpet keeps them out very well, and once again, if any of them hits, it’s a free super. Missiles putting them in block stun (Akuma as well) makes for a perfect time to put down flame carpet, which shuts down pretty much the whole cast while it’s out. Also, they aren’t a tight block string, so you can teleport behind them between the second and third missiles and get an almost free mixup. If they start blocking it correctly, you can change the timing of the teleport, or start teleporting in front instead.

I usually play keep away until I kill a character, put down Flame Carpet in the corner while calling Sentinel to setup the unblockable on the next character, X Factor to kill them, then try to get a mixup on the third to win.

Maybe I’ve been away too long, but why has no one mentioned Trish yet?

The best team would absolutely have to include Taskmaster and Dormammu. I think it’s a toss up between Task/Dorm/Trish and Task/Dorm/Phoenix

i play Deadpool A/ Ryu A /Doom A. Deadpool gets to jump back m guns and Doom beam eats everything drones, tatsu etc so you cant use assists to get in. once i land a combo into katana hyper i can dhc into up shinku or lvl 3 and if i really need to kill you i can dhc all the way to sphere flame. i also use ryu A beacuse if i get lazy i can just shoryu you off me when you get close and since its one of the few assists that have invince i can do that. ryu also has a really good lame game because he can do hado hado hado in the air and if you call assist he can just call doom and retake control of his space. deadpool is good because if im in the air doing falling tatsu i can go for an obvious unblockable which means since its seeable you will hold up back and give me space or eat it its your choice. finally doom is at his best with all the meter and lvl 3 xfactor at the end he can basically do as he pleases in the air especially with meter since he can just foot dive and if you jump hell push you out with photon array if you hit a button youll eat photon array and if you think you can punish photon array ill just airdash or footdive again once im done recovering and do it again or go to the ground. again deadpool a is used for unblockables if you do manage to have doom on point while hes alive. so yeah im not saying its the best zoning team im just saying its fucking too cheap.

Trish (any) / Doom (Missiles) / Sent (Drones)

I’d have to say Deadpool, Taskmaster, and Phoenix.

Trish, Doom , Dorm

This is basically correct. People forget the definition of zoning is “keeping them in the area of space in which you want them.” Somehow zoning has turned into slang for “keepaway” or “runaway,” which are examples of zoning.