Best zoning team

What do you guys think is the best team to use if your strategy will be to zone specifically?

Hawkeye/Doom/Strider sounds pretty solid as far as zoning goes.

My ideal zoning team would probably be Hawkeye/Dormammu/Doom.

Hawkeye (Greyhound)/Doom (Hidden Missiles)/Morrigan (Meter Gain)

Hawkeye is hard to hit and every second you don’t hit him, Morrigan is building meter to give him Gimlets or Doom is throwing out Hidden Missiles to ruin your hitconfirms and deal chip. Doom can then provide a solid rushdown/zoning game. As soon as Morrigan comes out, go crazy with Astral Projection.




^My zoning team^

Seriously, Deadpool is nuts. MODOK with Barrier assist lets Pool outzone everyone except Dormammu.


I used to use sentinel/Dormammu/doom.

Sentinel “neutralize” + “hidden missiles” beats alot of squads without teleporters and it builds meter for Dormammu to come in, spam purification and stalking flare.

chris MODOK sentinel
nuff said

what you know about hawkeye with dante jam session?

Hawkeye (Grey Hound)/Doom (Missiles)/Sentinel (Drones)

I would NOT want to face that team.

Not good against rush down characters like ammy, wolverine, x-23, etc that can duck under sentinel’s beams and tear him to shreds when they get in. Morrigan is also big trouble for this team. She just needs to go into Astral Projection and spit soul fists all over the place.
I got alot of practice against Sent + Doom hidden missiles assist from facing matu-mskyui in vanilla

2000+ games played in umvc3, this is my team and I love it
Hawk/Task/Doom missles

Explain to me why that isn’t the superior zoning team.



Dormammu, purification/liberation (meteor) with Doom or Task is nightmarish. + flame sphere.

Worst is, his limb outpriorytize everything so he can deal with character rushing him down.

flame carpet is also a big “come at me bro”.

2M is a teleport eater into combo.

And if he catch a character in a combo…well like Doom, prepare to have a dead or almost dead character (it’s something along the line of “no assist, 800-900k for 1 meter”

Taskmaster can zone hard too (especially with missile backing him up) and arrow assist really work well to store some liberation or extending dorm combo. + he can deal with teleporter better than hawkeye.

Doom…well…godlike assist, annoying zoning, damaging combo from anything…

this kind of team make me afraid at the loading screen lol.

Correction: Anyone/Anyone/Doom-B :stuck_out_tongue:

walks into thread and lies on floor

Hey! Doom-A Plasma beam is still great. Doom-B Molecular Shield is good!!! … in MvC2… Still pretty good to use too though. Hidden Missiles is just godlike though. O_o


What do you guys think of:

Deadpool/Dormammu/Doom (missiles assist)?