Beta Fighter ID

Hey guys, I just started playing the SF5 Beta a little while ago and made a Fighter ID for it. I had a question about it though and I’m sorry if it’s already been answered, but will this Fighter ID remain when the game is officially released or will we have to choose it again when the official game is out?

You’ll have to recreate it in the final release.
The fighter ID is erased every time they do a new beta or stress test.

It wasn’t changed from beta 2 to beta 3, but I’m sure it will be reset when the game launches, otherwise you’d keep fight money, win ratios, etc.

Would be hilarious if they didn’t let them be changed after beta 3, so people are stuck with the throwaway name they picked when they were goofing around thinking they’d get to change.

Then some guy has to play under the nick “BURRITOFART” for 5 years.

They already reset the IDs for yesterday’s “tech test” though.