Better 800 ms point game: Kof 2002 UM or NGBC?


I’ve got a little over 800 points and I want to get one of the games listed in the title.

King of fighters 2002 UM


Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

Whico do u recommend and why?


Damn, son. This is really hard! Those 2 games are 2 of the only 3 reasons I even touch my 360, anymore. NGBC has much better online, though. So I guess NGBC.


02um because NGBC is kusoge. Only thing is that online for 02um is ass so you won’t be playing that with people unless you have a local scene. Or you could play NGBC online although it in itself is a bad game and I doubt you’d find competition online anyways. Personally I’d rather get 02um and mess around with training mode and learn stuff then go to majors or something, bring the set-up, then body people in money matches or just casuals.


NGBC’s pretty cool, but characters just seem weak in general.

02UM’s pretty sweet, but XIII pretty much replaced 02UM IMO. I’d say get 98 UM instead.


i liked xiii…traded it when i couldnt convince any of my Sf4 buddies to get it…i will probably eventually get it back and just enjoy it on my own. so, 02um would be the best option?


You could wait out an eventual sale when they’re half price and get both.

I did so on 360 side there, ah you said points so same thing. Demo them, checkout their character lists and see which you think is worth it and which one you think you would enjoy more. Since without motivation you won’t be going out to find more people to play it offline anyway.

2002UM isn’t anywhere else but maybe PS2 import, so it’s a good purchase and good job by SNK to get that over finally, even if it was really late.


i would say ngbc is your best option if you couldnt get your friends to try 13 they arent gonna try 2k2 at leat with ngbc you can play online or you could just say screw it all and buy scott pilgrim for 800 msp


i will probably eventually get both, but just want to decide which one to get first…i’m turning into an fighting game hoarder…


i chose NGBC, because it looks better. the kof2002um demo made me want to get XIII again more than anything…


You should be able to make up your mind by now.