Better assist, Sent A or G?

Just for Cable, not for his partners. What do you think?

Also, what do you think is the best assist for Cable alone overall? Why?

Best assist: Alpha
Best assist to choose: Beta [by far]
Least recommended: Gamma

-*The alpha assist is screen piercing and will hit whatever’s behind it. It stuns them and holds them for a small amount of time. An excellent assist IMO. If it wasn’t for the Beta asist Cable counter, I’d only choose this.

-*The beta assist is the only 1 I ever pick. The fact you are asking this question lets me know you don’t know about the Cable alpha counter of doom. Let me explain.

1]Block a projectile assist, special move, normal attack, etc that has some recovery
2]Guardpush it [optional, best vs normal close attacks]
-When the forced scimitar occurs, you want it to whiff.
3]Back, db, d + assist [the one corresponding to Cable’s position]
4]Cable starts his scimitar [You want this to whiff]
5]Cancell the scimitar a nanosecond after leaving the ground
6]Link extra AHVB till whatever made your previous character block is destroyed or you’re out of meter.

-If you block any of the following, you can kill it off the alpha counter.
Beam assists [Icebeams, viper beams, EM disrupters are some examples], h-typhoons [not hail cancelled, sometimes even those], heavy close attacks [you need to guardpush these so the scimitar misses],

-The Gamma assist can be useful, but I think it’s usefulness is for the most part restricted to the likes of Guile or Megaman.

Final analysis: In the end [despite the fact alpha is a better assist] you should NEVER choose anything as Cable’s assist type except Beta /anti-air.


Ooops. Sorry, Deathfist. You made such a well thought post and it was because I did not make myself very clear. I feel almost ashamed to tell you this now.

What I meant was, for Cable on point, which assist helps him the most? Sent A or G?

Sorry about the mess. I appreciate the good post you wrote and I am sure others will be well informed by it. But I just can’t play without CAHVB, so there’s no choice for me. I feel empty without it :slight_smile:

I will explain both assists and their pros/cons and I will also give out which one I personally use and why.
You can pick which ever attracts you more and also which one is closer to your playing style. From what I say.

Sent’s Alpha assist:

Sent’s Alpha assist is good for landing random AHVB’s. Call out sent they get hit and then AHVB.

You can also pull it off during a combo. Lk, mk, hk, Sent assist hits, XX into AHVB.

The main reason it is used with Cable is to catch people off guard and land that AHVB.

The main reason Sent is put on Alpha assist is not for Cable it is usually for the other character on the team. For exmaple Mag/Cable/Sent. Sent would be put on Alpha to aid Mag in combos since Sent’s alpha assist is a good rush down assist and Mag is rushing type character.

Now the thing that is annoying about this assist is that it is only a ground assist and it can be easily dodged by a jump. So range is really not this assits’ best quality.

This is a combo assist. Used in combos.

Sent’s Gamma assist:

Sent’s Gamma assist is good for ground coverarge, lockdown, and also for rushing since it can gave you coverage as you are rushing and you can also combo off of it pretty well if you get the timing down.

Like I said this assist is good for lockdwon. It is one of the best assists to use with Cable since you can call it out and throw gernades/beams and lock the person down. Especially if you are playing a rushdown style team. They cant rush you if they are not close to you and Cable/Sent-Gamma does that well. As Viscant said one time. He said something along the lines of if your opponent has a main offense (in example rushing you) and you are able to stop that/counter (stop their rushing) you have won the match. Because you prevent them from achieving their goal and prevent them from doing any damage. You stop them from winning or increase your chances of winning. If you are playing a team wit atleast one rusher you have now stoped that character from doing any damage by countering them.
So you can lock them down with Sent’s Gamma and Cable’s bag of tricks. Since it covers so much space and for the space it does not conver you can compinsate with Cable’s gernades/beams.

Comboing/Rushing with this assist is possible as well.
You cant combo with it as easily as the Alpha assist since it does not hit as fast as the Alpha but it can still combo just as well. You can call the Gamma and rush with Cable. If the opponent tries anything funny there is a good chance they will get hit by the drones and then you will have enough time to land an AHVB.
Actually any time the drones hit and they evnetually will. Since the opponent will get frustrated if you lock them down enough and try to do risky shit. When they do and get hit there is a free AHVB from you and since you were locking them down so much you probably have more than one bar so you can AHVB again or DHC.

So it is a good assit for covering ground/space, locking down, and also comboing.

For me personally I use the Gamma assist. Everyone knows my little Team SA.M: Cable/Storm/Sent and the reason I have Sent on Gamma is because I love the different things that assist can do. It gives my Cable lockdown properties to use on rushers and also a little rush power. It also gives my Storm major rush help since I just call them and then rush down with Storm doing tri-jumps, high/low, and switiching sides. One hit from the drones and I can combo into an air combo and every person I have played has been hit by it plenty of times.

That is all I can think of saying. If you have anything else you want me to go into more detail about feel free to ask me and I will address it.

Very good stuff.

I feel more comfortable with G as well. A good thing is that it comes behind Cable, so it might stuff crossups, at least at average levels of play.

But I read people talking about how G does not cover the space in front of Cable as well, so people can wavedash under drones or stuff like that and give Cable some trouble. I do agree that Sent A + j, jab or HP or TK grenade is pretty rough to get into, but still drones are always all around the screen.

What do you think? What about against specific characters? I tend to think that drones are better against Sent and probably Storm and Mags, but not so sure against another Cable.

Sent A might be better to punish assists as well (althoug drones ruin Psy), but I don’t think that worths a lot since AHVB is the assist punishing weapon of choice

Thank you very much for the help.

Actually the worst thing you can do is have Sent on Alpha against Cable. Because like I said the assist can be dodged with a single jump. Now if you call Sent and the opponent’s Cable jumps. Then that a free AHVB shot for them that they can use to deal damage to your Sent.

Against another Cable it is best to not use any assists since one mess up and he can take the assist out. So if the other Cable has bars never call out an assist unless you are 100% sure it will hit and when it does hit you will use it to combo and add more damage.

For me personally I still use Gamma against Cable. But I use it more safely. I call it out less and also when I call it out I make sure that I am one step ahead of my opponent so that if they think about AHVBing my Sent I can get them back.
For instance I call Sent and then super jump to the other side. If they AHVB my Sent I will be on the other side and easily AHVB their Cable. The way I see it I don’t mind having my assist take a few hits if I can get hits on my opponent’s main character.

Locking another Cable with Cable/Sent is doable. But you need to understand the timing of the assist and the timing/lag on Cable’s moves. Because if you mess up both your characters might end up eating an AHVB. Do a little trial and error in training mode to see which fits best.

I will try to give a good explaination of a good lock down.

Call Sent assist, now Sent is open to cover up Sent jump with Cable and fire a viper beam. Now the other Cable can’t AHVB since they will get hit by the beam. Now you are covering ground with Sent and air with Cable. Right when the assist is about to hit throw a gernade. They are still locked down.
This is one version of what you can do. You can mix it up even more. If you just spend a few minutes in training mode.

I am not so brave to do that kind of stuff against Cable. Sometimes I try to do Hpx4, Sent, grenade. The problem is that, if the opp guesses right, my team dies. If he blocks, he just loses a little chip damage.

I thought Sent A could be better cause it comes faster, so if the opp bocks I have time to sj grenade. But, as you said, he jumps and I am screwed :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the help.

You shouldn’t do that since it leaves all of the offense on the lower part of the screen leaving the top half open for your opponent to use. Plus Cable is not safe doing things on the ground it is better if he does them in the air.

So call Sent and have Cable in the air. Since then you will be covering both halfs of the screen and also delaying some of the lag on Cable’s moves since he would be in the air.

Don’t take this as a Strider/Doom trap and hope for chipp damage. This Cable/Sent lockdown is not for chipp damage it is to control space, keep the opponent locked down, and away. Then when they make a mustake you capitalize on it.

I’d say at high level play, Sent-a is quite a bit more valuable than Sent-G to a cable. If you can block well, Sent-A provides one of the most damaging counter-calls as well as MANY more connected AHVB opportunities. One of the best uses that I don’t see people use enough of is the the pre-emptive call and pushblock into AHVB. This allows you to punish things that would normally be impossible/difficult to punish for Cable. In that way, I’d consider Sent-a to be much more of an offensive assist than Sent-G.

Simply put, unless you’re already playing a team with an instant AAA (such as scrub) or one where Cable on point isn’t the actual focus of the team (Storm/Sent/Cable), Sent-A will serve you better than Sent-g in the long run.

Edit: As far as people jumping over sent-a, it doesn’t matter, because if they press anything, Cable’s jump jab, fierce xx AHVB beats basically everything.

I don’t get it. You mean calling it before the opp comes to do a blockstring to me? If so, why the need for the pushblock?

For the most part, I think the pushblock is to guard cancel/recover faster from blockstun than normal. Secondly, if you pushblock the first hit, chances are Sent will not be interrupted from his rocket punch (super armor), so he’ll ALWAYS come out. Also, AHVBs tend to do better damage from full screen anyways.

P.S. I see you’re from Boston? Who the heck are you? Have you played at GT?

Nope. I played outside home twice in my life. I am not so much into competition, just playing different games with a couple friends. Its just that every now and then I got curious and come here to get some new things to my game.

I am not in Boston now, but I’ll get back for vacation soon. If you wanna share GT’s address, and good days to play, I might create the courage to visit you guys there :slight_smile:

Goodtimes is in Somerville near the Sullivan Square orange line stop. I don’t have the address off-hand, but you can google it and find out. We have some pretty good comp there most Friday nights and usually have bi-weekly tournaments (run by me or Commy). We also occasionally session in houses and we’re thinking of starting to go to MIT instead of GT because of the stick situation at GT. You should post in the Boston thread ( and get into the scene, because we always need more marvel players (regardless of skill level). What other games do you play?

P.S. I myself am a pad beast, so no worries.

I play Winning Eleven and some really old stuff (like super mario and sonic :slight_smile: ). I will send you a PM when I am Boston, but don’t get me addicted on this stuff :wink: