Better assist vs sentinel

cammy or guile?

It depends on what you want the assist to do. Guile is better for keeping sentinal out of the air since he’s assist covers alot more space. He can also be used (not as well as cammy) to get sentinal off of you. Cammy on the other hand takes more damage and is faster then Guile. She also makes a better 3rd character then Guile.

To answer the question at hand I’d say Guile, but I think Cammy benefits the overall team better then Guile.

it all depends on your skill, if your better with guile/cammy than the other, and you can make a comeback with better. and which one better suits your team

i mean just as a stand alone assist, which will help you better defensively. i’m not talking about team dynamics here… completely different question

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Well cammy’s is invincible isn’t it? At least to projectiles. Cammy’s is better priority, but Guile’s covers alot of space (although that projectile he shoots out does hardly any damage so cammy’s probably does more damage overall)

Guile has invincibility in start up so they can both get them off you, but I think Cammy may beat out cyclops and most other assists.

well… it also bounces off projectiles

i use to play spiral/sent/cammy exclusively.

cammy would get owned by sent/capcom… in part b/c i sucked, but also, b/c her assist is only worth 1 hit.

so she’d hit out capcom, and sent would come in and stomp on her ass…also, sent can easily fly his ass away more often times than not. -_-

I say guile:tup:

Guile’s is too slow. Plus I think Cammy does better on point.

cammy for FTW

demon, your avatar is scary…lol

but i’d pick cammy fo sho…make sure your rush game is on point to connect well with cammy (…to do the most damage).

Cammy and Cyclops trade.

so as an assist, after some experimentation… guile does better at keeping sentinel at bay… so cable w/ guile hurts sentinel bad… he has a hard time getting in, whereas cammy doesn’t do as good a job here… cammy however is better to fend off stomps… so 1 is good for offense, and one is good for defense… they both do well against sentinel, but i think focus a little more towards each side from what i’ve seen and played with and against.

thanks for the input people… i still say cyclops as an assist is sentinels’ WORST enemy. only a really good sentinel can take cable / clops IMO