Better buttons?

allright. i need an opinion. i would love to order sanwa stuff but im short on cash. i have a T5 stick and a hori doa4 stick. im trying to combine parts to make one good stick. so…which buttons and stick are better? all opinions welcome thanks!:wonder:

Sounds to me like you should sell one of the two, and use the money to buy Sanwa parts… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d sell that DoA4 stick… I played on one before. Didn’t like it at all.

the only thing i like are the way the buttons are layed out. and im pretty sure i wouldnt get too much for it =/

perhaps it would give you enough for sanwa parts ;]

lizardlick is closed until april, just pan handle for 2 dollars a day and you will have enough to buy buttons when it reopens.

Well, if you like the DOA stick, the T5 stick in good condition tends to sell for $50-$60, more than enough money to buy 6-8 buttons, and pretty close to affording a JLF while you’re at it.

sounds good to me. in the meantime, im playing alot of matches online and ive got a tourney coming at the end of this month. would you guys suggest switching parts out from my T5? the smaller size of the doa4 stick is better i suppose.