Better call Saul! premiere Feb 8


Finally is here!

Better Call Saul is a Breaking Bad Spinoff featuring Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) and Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks).


Cant wait, hope Jessie has a cameo just so he can get stabbed to death, preferably in the first episode. Also wtf is Mike doing in this lol?


It takes place before Breaking Bad, During Breaking Bad and After Breaking Bad


I wonder how it will shoot the “during breaking bad” parts. Will they pretend they are talking to Jessie, Walt, etc and have them be on the phone and JUST out of the camera frame?


Pretty sure it’s just showing what Saul was doing during BB when we didn’t see him during BB.

So, yea, it’s probably just pretending to talk to them stuff.



I’m looking forward to the “after BB part” but will watch this nonetheless.

For those that think this will be cancelled especially before showing Walt/Jesse again, I’ve painfully watched every episode of the Colombian BB remake Metastasis. If THAT shit was approved the sky’s the limit


I’m generally not a fan of spin-offs since they tend to rope people in with the fact that the spin off is riding on the coat tail of the original show, only to never meet expectations. Though I am looking forward to this. I just hope the writers don’t fuck it up.


Tonight (and tomorrow night), bitch!




Damn, Saul was one broke mother fucker


Scumbag Saul with the fraud schemes. lol


Yeah, the show really picked up when he start talkin’ my language.


To go from being a big time (albeit shady) lawyer


to working at a damn Cinnabun?!


Witness protection program, man.


Holy shit. Tuco


Tuco’s always the first boss.


People think this show will be canceled? Don’t make me laugh. Any and every attempt to learn and piece any small facet of the Breaking Bad universe(Especially their back story) is going to be gobbled up by any fan of the show. Seeing Tuco at the end of tonight’s episode made me giddy with excitement. And it’s not because of me holding onto his actions in Breaking Bad, but because I want to see the kind of man he was BEFORE we ever saw him.


That was his plan laid out in the last season

“You’d be lucky to be a manager at a cinnabon in nebraska”

Loved it

That cliffhanger. Stupid white skaters.



Damn tuco


Yeah, those Napoleon Dynamite twins are dead.