Better call Saul! premiere Feb 8


I still don’t think Chuck is dead. That story at the beginning rang true not only for Kim but for him.


I hope Chuck is dead and no science or miracle can bring him back! He burned all his bridges and deserves no screen time in future seasons. Nothing against the actor, who I thought did a wonderful job portraying him, but the character needs to die. I have not wanted for a character to be removed this much since Ramsey Bolton was fed to his dogs (needless to say that character is in a tier of his own).


Ooh I don’t like hearing that it might not be renewed… then it would REALLY have been a huge waste of time.


What story are you talking about?

You got issues. :rofl:


The story kid Chuck reads to kid Jimmy


Of course, nothing is certain, but chances are kinda high that it gets renewed.

And it seems that Chuck is definitely dead, but may stay alive in flashbacks. At least, Michael McKean thinks so:



The book is actually on Chuck’s coffee table as he’s kicking over the lantern. He gone.



Honestly, I’m still surprised Jimmy/Saul could even start up a new practice, even if it’s a shitty one. Old people can be quite vindictive with nothing better to do, so I’d expect some local news coverage finding his whereabout to shame him publicly, cementing his infamy.

It’s still around surprisingly:


In regards to old electronics-type stores that are mostly gone, there are still Radioshacks where I live, but they are very sparse. We had one close by but it finally shut down. Next closest one is like 20 minutes away.


I feel like Gus will end up killing Nacho for getting at Salamanca first. The look he gave him in that scene was like “I know wtf you did!”


The look of, “I know WTF you did!” was still there but probably with added, “I’m going to keep this a secret until I can use this information to my advantage.” He just knows Salamanca dying right next to him looks bad in the eyes of their drug lord.

While it was clever for Gus to tell that other dude to beat it, I wonder what his explanation is for being there to the medics and cops who show up. It’s one thing for Salamanca to show up to your crib. It’s another to show up to his. In the middle of the night. Highly doubt they’ll ever explain it though as it’s a minor loose end to the entire series overall.


I heard it got renewed today


Bump! Where ya’ll at?

Season 4 was pretty fantastic, the finale had some brilliant performances and brought some feels. Jimmy is in serious denial and is running from what he actually feels on the inside. That’s my interpretation on what’s going on with him anyway. The Mike and Werner scene was pretty powerful, just like Jimmy or should I say, Saul, we can see them delving into their breaking bad personas.

I’m just wondering what Kim and Nacho’s fates are gonna be since we don’t see them in breaking bad. I’m assuming kim and saul break up. Not sure about Nacho though.

What’d ya’ll think?