Better overall assist: Ironman or Psy

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i like psy better. plus iron man wont work on smart players. sure his AAA is kinda like psy’s, but psy would beat out other assists leading into a double snap.

Depends upon the rest of the team, I’d think.

For a speed team like MSP, Psylocke for certain - her assist seems (to me, anyway) to come out faster and it also sets up Magneto or Storm. I’d imagine slower teams could make more use of the Iron Man assist.

Over all, IM is the obvious better char, Psy has the obvious better assist, but as a char,

IM wins hands down. DHC to protoncannon, infinite, and his AAA isn’t exactly horrible either. Sometimes a stupid mags will rush into it, it makes him have to slow down, it covers a wide area and hurts, alot. If you drop IM AAA in a certian place that = pissed mags players.

I can’t remember the last time I got hit by IM AA…

How many IM’s do you really play.

you can’t really say that one assist is better than the other. They are both equally good. This game is all about teams, and each assist has its strenghts when played with certain teams.

Also, the goal that you are trying to achieve when playing with each assist. Ironman is good to counter character the other players assist. He does good damage to assist, and sets up good damaging combos when paired up with Sentinel. If you plan to use ironman assist, then its obvious that you might not be rusing down or pulling out resets left and right. Thats where Psy comes into play.

Basically, it all depends on the team that you are playing with and the type of gameplan you set up.

Over-all though, I would say that Psy might have the edge. That is only becuae she is scrub friendly and sets up inifintes/random BS.

psy is better due to the fact that she is a combo starter, not a comboing assist like Im’s aaa.

With AA assist? Not many. :rofl:

I hope thats joke…

You do know what IM’s best assist is…


As one of the posts above stated, it all depends on what team it is, as different teams have different functions.

Take IM. You get, a damaging assist, one that takes up a lot of space on the ground, and a character that one could actually compete in a fight. However, the assist is more generally harder to use, and more people usually use the assist the wrong way. You will also have to impliment it in situations that IM won’t get his butt kicked 6 ways to Sunday, which can be hard to do for most. If you ever get into trouble, you have a frame kill DHC to fall back on.

Take Psy. You get, combos, resets, and killer stuff out of the yin yang, invincibilty, and a bit of respect whilst playing with her assist. More possibilties come to life when someone is using this assist, however, most people sometimes spam on it soo much, and when someone knows what they are doing, one miss with psy could mean her dying, because of her low health. But, because of her invincibility and priority over most things, she will beat out most of the attacks out there.

If I have to choose one, I would choose IM, but this only because I know I’m a more defensive player than most. That’s just me though.

Again if I’ve left anything out, please add or correct me.

Psylocke’s easy, it even setes up Iron Man’s infinite, no competition. If you had have said Iron Man or Doom AAA…

I thinkn in the ironman tribute2 video it shows alot of ways to use ironmans assist with mags and his tempest, not sure if its that video though?..?