Better request,someone help a lady out


ok i got one thats more reasonable than the first one and i like it better anyway but here is what i want,its gonna takle a while to put the pics up so please bear with me.

i want a flash animation with the following pics and the order im posting is the order that i want in it.if anyone can do this for me thanks


heres the sec pic and i want it to say emergency at the bottom of this pic


3rd pic


this is the 4th one and i want it to say medical at the bottom of the pic

I just got blown up by a super sick Dudley at my local arcade

5th pic


i want this one to say technitian at the bottom of it

and in my av i dont want my name in it


anyone please?


your asking for too much… the req is easily doabl but not within the 20k limit. you need to adjust your request so that it will fit within the limits.