Better run home to momma now! - Sarah VF5FS Thread


I’m gonna be repping Sarah and putting all my time into re-integrating myself to her.

Sarah’s VF5FS command list ->

Sarah 1K CH combos


A couple of wall + FSP combos



A couple of BT 4K combos


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I’ll be TheHolyVagabond on XBL. But I’m not gonna be playing online for awhile. Gotta feel comfortable with her first before I get going.


What should Sarah’s BNB combo off on 1K on normal hit be?


1K, KP, FSPPK for an easy 80.

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Not sure if anybody has something better. Been experimenting all evening.


What is FSP? Flamingo Stance Punch? Forward Slide Punch?

What are some recommended pokes for Sarah? I’ve been using PPP (hit confirm into PPPK) for high, 6P for mid and 2K for low. I haven’t played for very long so right now I’m still playing a bit like Tekken.


FSP = Foward Slide P.

Sarah’s jabs have always been great but I think in FS everybody’s jabs are the same speed or something? Anyway, from what I remember in 5 Vanilla, it’s usually best to just do 1 P maybe 2 to because after blocking the 1st and 2nd everything else can be 2Pd out of. However, I haven’t test this against her FS. 1 jab is +2 on block. In Vanilla I’d throw one P out and jump back or step to see what my opponent would do.

KP has always been good. 14 frames and float on CH.
2P+KK is 12 frames and the 2nd K is delayable. Hopefully it doesn’t have the hit detection problems it did in Vanilla (and R?)
3PK/3PP is also 12 frames. Both connect on CH. The 3P is kinda like an elbow in that it cuts through a lot of moves but it’s got good range. 3PK goes into FL and is +2 on guard so you can begin FL shenanigans.
6PK. 6P is an elbow cuts through highs and the knee is delayable and can be hit confirmed. If just the knee hits on CH you get a float and can start a juggle.
44P is 10 frames but I used to never use it. Maybe now I should. Sarah has some good BT attacks off of it. 44P is -1 on block.


4K is one of the best entry into FL. +4 on block. Very linear though.
8K TJ and is +2 on block.
3KKG. I plan to whore this because 3KK (used to be 2K in Vanilla) was a good move. The 2nd K is delayable so you can delay it for CH so you can start your FL stuff.
4K+GG is good on wakeup because 4K+G is fast and starts ground floats. If you’ve ever played SCV, think Mitsu’s 66A+BG except you go straight into FL.

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Still training.


Hey you guys probably covered this above but I have no idea how to read VF5 combo terminology yet. So whats the best follow up for Sarahs KKKK while in Flamingo Stance?

So far I can only get 6 hits for 86 dmg mid screen… :frowning:


ok im new to 3d fighters and my god theres a lot of moves do i really need to learn all the moves and if not how do i decide wich moves/chains are good?


Yeah learn them all imo… some will be more useful than others but certain situations may occur where you pull a move out of your head that you normally wouldn’t think to use…

Just stick with and learn one character…

Command training ftw… I miss when the old VF5 would let you do a command training time attack and compete for the best time on xbl…

That was pretty dope for learning the moves…


Some tips for people who are coming from Tekken. In Tekken, most characters can do 1,2 and be advantaged on block. Not in VF. The only thing you can count on being + on block is a single P. Sarah is an exception to this. Everything that cancels into flamingo gives her frame advantage. If you want to keep the advantage beyond just P, you have to earn it by reading the opponent (i.e. d+P counterhit, dodging, etc.). Most if not all strings leave you - on block.


Been looking for something to do after a DM/OM. Back in Vanilla, she had that DM+K which was great and cut through moves like a knife. It could even connect after stepped 2P because it was so fast.

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So far, I’ve been doing 1K with mixed results.


Here are some combos that work for me, 9K,1G+K,K(goes into flamingo) the quickly finish with 6+KK (in flamingo stance) other ways to start the combo 6+P,K then 1+G+K,K (goes into flamingo) the quickly finish with 6+KK (in flamingo stance)
If wanting to bait this combo you can try to surprise by doing 8+K, then if opponent is close try to stun them with 3+K then go into the combo.

Well back to training once I get back home.


Sarah combos… VF5FS Ver. A.1 (Console)#UNREAD

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Copied and pasted (obviously) from VFDC.


And here will my last Sarah combo link…

This one is special because if you click on the juggle starters, you can also click onto the movies of the actual combo so you can see what (and in some cases how) the moves are landing.

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Still training.


Nice stuff here. This has helped a lot. Does JH stand for Just Frame hit?



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For those of you having problems connecting juggles that end with P, 66+k+G. Remember that if you have Sarah’s right foot forward (RFF), she’ll connect it much more than with the left foot forward (LFF).


Howdy, I’ve been trying to level up with Sarah and was curious how people have been working Flamingo Stance into their gameplans? Usually I use 4K (+4 ~+6), P+K (+2), 2K (+2), 6P --> 4K (+3) and 4 P+K (+4) to get into Flamingo Stance (FL) with advantage on opponent’s block but my mix-up game from there has been a little restricted. Usually this is my mind set (please tell me if I’m doing something wrong as well!)

  1. If they are attack spammy, just go into FL KK and work from there for counter hits
  2. If standing blockers, go into FL 2K into (JH) P+G
  3. If crouch block happy either FL 4K for safe option or FL 3K for crumble into 2P --> WR K,K (I think 66 Damage, not sure of best combo from this crumple)
  4. if they are 2P spammers, P+K (Parry) --> 6P+K (Launcher)
  5. if uncomfortable, 4P+K+G to get out

My main two issues are with people who like to side-step since I’m not sure what are the best attacks to deal with side-steppers in FL and whether to try and incorporate here switch step to gain access to her throws since it is just so slow. Any help would be appreciated it!

Also, as a side question. I’ve started to do P then a quick tap of G into 6P --> 4K. Helps blow up 2P spammers and puts you in advantage. I guess if you hit G, it cancels any chain and therefore lets you act faster. It’s really been helping with my 2K combos. Mainly, 2K -->K,P6–>P,G,4K+G–>66K+G. Is G chain cancelling something I should further explore in terms of improving or is it just a technical thing that isn’t too useful.


Also, I have all of Sarah’s chains down and will put into a template so you can see frames and what are naturally combos soon. Life is a little hectic currently!


First combo, first video… I can’t get the opponent to launch like that up on his knees after the 4K+G for me to be able to 66K+G properly. If I input the command early nothing happens, it makes me pause to get the 4K+G clean… am I doing something wrong or is it not possible anymore?

Also alot of the combos on that japanese site in dojo don’t seem to be getting quite the same damage as reported/in the videos. For example the 1K>3PK>fK>f8K In the video it does 85, in dojo for me it only does about 73. Guess its Counter hit damage?

Been toying around with ‎4PK4K>3PK>fl6KK and 4K+G>1K+GK>fl6KK.

Accidentally found out you could add an extra hit on the end with a 9K+G. Discovered this with my naturally pad sloppy input :]

The first combo in -total- comes up to 107. It brings the latter combo up to a nice 76. Only tested in Dojo and on Pai so far.
3K+G and 9K also link with good timing providing more damage (very small amount) but it is harder to finish up a ground attack from the sweep/flip.

Testing strings that end with fl6KK and it seems like all of them give enough lift to pull this off.
Open foot 9K+GK>1K+GK>6KK>9KG for example

Well despite how COOL the 9K+G Looks you should top it off with a 1K Instead… more damage than all the other options and time to ground attack. Testing to see if it works with all footings.


1K has to be a counter hit. It lifts the higher into the air for the rest of the combo to connect should connect easily…


Huh. I’m not sure how you’re doing all this. Ending combos with FL 6KK puts them into a spin and they can tech on the ground, giving no oppurtunity for an extra hit in any way, shape or form. However, if you end them with a FL 7K/8K/9K then they’ll do that flip over and you’ll have the oppurtunity to connect an extra hit or two, but only if they don’t tech out of the flip over stun.

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But maybe you’ve found something I don’t know about so… off to the dojo.


Well yeah this is all in the Dojo :slight_smile: haha probably doesn’t work on a skilled live opponent, but against a training dummy or someone that doesn’t P+K+G to get up faster there is time to get that last extra pinch.

1K off of the 9K+GK starter is probably the hardest one to land, I’ve only been able to get it out five times and I’ve been at this all day today haha.
I can get it 100% from the 4K+G>1K+GK>fl6KK>1K.

Another weird thing is I’ve managed to get the 3KK (twice now) off at the end of the Open foot 9K+GK>1K+GK>fl6KK… Boosting up the second half to 89.

I go blank whenever I try to do ANY combo in a real match -.- its depressing.
Am I wasting my time learning these little kickers though? as you said they can tech out of it right?

Sigh I wish I had a stick, Diagonals have such an unforgiving window with this 360 controller.


Copy pasted from VFDC. Just some general tips.

When I go into FL from 4K, 8k, P+K, etc. I like to sometimes fish for evades with 6K delayed K from FL stance. If you see that they evaded, the second K is full circular. If they block it then it’s just -5 frames and you can opt not to do the second K or do it if you think they’ll press a button.

Learn how to do her P-2K K K. It leads to massive damage and keeps them on their toes when you go into flamingo. I just use a universal followup after it connects, 1KK>6KK, for all characters that weigh less than Akira. For Akira and up it’s 1KK>8K. Taka doesn’t collapse .

After a succesful hit with 4K from FL, I’ve been working on forward dash cancel while in FL and keeping pressure with either 3K, 2K-P+G, 6KK shenanigans, K shenanigans, or using 8/2P+K for that huge damage off of a CH or an evade since its full circular. I use a universal combo of 8/2P+K>6K+G>2P>3KK. Works on all characters except Taka. I just spam K on him.

n opponents wakeup I like to backdash out of their rising attack range and do 4K+G-G so I can get into flamingo. from there you can do either 4K, 3K, 4P+K+G, G, or 8/2P+K depending on the situation.

Step is really tricky. I usually use it as a hail mary from a whiffed 4K or 4K+GG.

4P, 44P, 3P, 8K+G, K, both hits of 44KK, and FL 4K are all half circular. K+G and FL K+G are full circular (just realized this, I thought they were useless). Just to keep that in mind.