Better to go carwins or lesner style?

i really like playing more of a carwins game in sf4. problem is i tend to get owned by blocking when i do it.

if i switch it up to more of a lesner turtle style and let em punch themselves out tho i seem to do better. just feels cheap n boring tho :frowning:

are there any i guess successful carwin style players in this game anyways hehe?

Play abel rush and command grab youll be legit fast. :wink:

Well, Lesnar won the fight so go Lesnar IMO.

Here’s to Lesnar being the champ until he decides to retire! :party:

There are plenty of people who would beat Lesnar. Fedor is the obvious one, he’d take a shit on Lesnar.

There’s nothing cheap about turtling, though if you’re not having fun doing so, don’t use it.

They used to say the same thing about Shane Carwin (Mister 9-0, all by knockouts). Until he got knocked out that is.


You mean you tend to rush in then gas out in the 2nd round and lose?..LOL

who are “they”? In my world, we questioned Carwin’s ability to fight for longer than 5 minutes. What is this 9-0? Carwin was 12-0 before all entering that fight some by knockout, some by submission, some by TKO. And Carwin didn’t get knocked out he got choked out.

to the OP: I wouldn’t play either “style”. Carwin ran out of gas and became an inert mass Lesnar got his jaw jacked and barely made it out of the first round, if it had been a different referee Carwin would have won. If you want to play a “style” play like GSP, be better than your opponents and grind out a win, punish them for their mistakes. Also MMA and fighting games are not related, fight sport and fighting games are not related.

eh, unlikely. People lose in MMA it happens alot. There is a very good chance that Cain Velasquez will take Lesnar’s belt.