Better Wakeup Character between Rose, Chun li, Viper, Cody. Rank Them

My friend and I went back and forth on this, so I’m asking the community for their opinion. I’m not going to say who my friend or I thought was best, so that it is a fair question.

The question is simple, who do you think have the better wakeup option. Rank them from 1-4. The criteria is simple. Does the character have moves with invincible frames, if so, how many and does it extend to active frames. Can some of these options be focus canceled as to make them safe. How safe are the moves. Consider startup and Lag time to these moves. Afterall, if u mess up and it leads to massive damage, that sucks. Consider Ultras and Supers. Consider backdash, or other advance techniques.

So without further ado, Rank them.

Viper chun cody rose imo

Chun>>Viper>>>>>cody>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Rose - in my opinion.

chun>viper>rose> cody

Cody is the worst since he can’t even back dash to get away, and the ex zonk is too slow and risky to use on wake up.

Cody in a wake up contest? That’s like Makoto in a projectile contest. He has options beyond block and tech…but the opponent has to be super sloppy with the oki.

interesting responses. Keep them coming.

Viper > Chun >> Cody >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rose

  1. Viper because of the sheer amount of wakeup options she has. Burn kicks, HP thunder knuckle , EX seismo , EX seismo feint. While none of them are particularly good by themselves , the fact that she can interchange between these and also backdash/block/tech like everyone else means her wakeup is nowhere near as bad as these characters

  2. Chun. She has a very very good backdash and EX SBK , even though it is shitty is a decent enough reversal in a pinch.

  3. Rose also has a good backdash , but her reversal is nowhere near as good as Chun’s.

  4. Cody. You have to fuck up in a major way for him to reversal you or you have to guess wrong for him to escape pressure.

Viper (By far lol it’s no contest), Chun, Rose, and Cody (obviously last).

all of this butthurt.

Cody has no backdash so he’s automatically last

Rose only has backdash

Chun is free to divekicks

Viper at least has the mix up of grab,meaty

Viper > Chun > Rose > >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Makoto > Cody

People ranking rose under cody really don’t know what they’re talking about.
Thirtyfour speaks the truth.

They all have shit wakeup. But yeah, what Thirtyfour said.

so far, the consensus is Viper 1, Chun li 2, and a fight between Rose and Cody for 3 and 4, with Cody having the edge as worst of the bunch.

I think it would be more interesting to talk about the wakeup options of all characters.

viper >> chun >> rose & cody

viper has a bunch of get out of jail cards but she can get OSd badly too. a bunch of the cast shrink under HP TK and ex seismo isn’t invincible to the hit. decent backdash but again a lot of safe jump OS’s will catch both backdash, ex seismo, and still block HP TK.

chun has a stupid good backdash and ex bird. she dies if you block it.

rose has an amazing backdash but she gets OSd to death because she has no reversals that are invincible to the hit. light OS sweep will just kill her.

cody has a terrible backdash so he can be hit by stuff like safe jump OS ultra or chained lights OS ultra by a bunch of the cast. at least ex zonk has a ton of invincibility, but it’s really risky to throw out without 2 extra bars to make it safe. i find that ex criminal upper beats a lot of my OS stuff but maybe i’m just doing it wrong.

viper chun cody rose!

yea i fucking said it! just cuss, he may not be better but his wakeup can beat ultra’s if he does his first lol and the sand is tricky.

Viper’s is clearly the best. EX Seismo, HP knuckle, backdash, (ex) burn kick, and EX seismo feint are all pretty good in their own ways.

Chun has decent wakeup, EX SBK will beat anything that isn’t a safejump or a dive kick. However it’s really easy to safejump and you can’t FADC it so free combos all day if you use it when someone’s safejumping you. Plus the whole dive kick thing. Chun has an exceptional backdash but I don’t really consider those as viable wakeup moves because they are so easy to option select against.

Since her U2 has been nerfed, Rose pretty much only has EX soul spiral. Slow, not as much invincibility as EX SBK, not a great move. Her backdash is also good, but again you shouldn’t be backdashing on wakeup much against good players.

Cody is down in the dumps since not only does he have a shit backdash, EX bingo is his only invincible wakeup move which requires you to have charged up 2 button presses, plus it has poor hitboxes. Cody’s just SOL on wakeup and he’s clearly the worst on this list.



I approve of this.