Better ways to optimize combos?

I want to go beyond basic ground combo, DH, air combo into air H, Super. I’ve seen some crazy extensions, but just don’t know how people do it.

I use Goku/Vegeta/Gohan (Adult) btw.

You should learn which chain routes are possible for each of your characters especially in the air. Instead of doing j. L, j. M, dj. L, dj. M, dj. H. Try seeing if you can tack on an extra j.L after j.M. Another thing is that j.2H can be jump cancelled after using super dash so you can do j. L, j. M, j. 2H, dj. L, dj. M, dj. H.

Remember that pretty much every character has a jump cancelable 5M. Try L L, 2M, 5M, j. L, j. M, j. 2H, super dash, j.L, j. M, j. 2H, dj. L, dj. M. dj. H, land, super.

You’ll also find that the properties of your specials can allow for juggling in the corner.

Here Gokus Tatsu causes wall splat and the opponent falls into 5M which again is jump cancelable actually does 5H > super dash.

Beyond that you can use bar to extend a combo with vanish or call assists to circumvent the recovery period on your point character’s attacks.

To put it bluntly, you want to prioritize fitting in as many specials and heavy attacks in a combo followed by mediums and then finally light attacks (least important).

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That is the simplest and most helpful way I’ve read comboing in this game explained. It’s mad I’ve played street fighter and netherrealm at a high level for nearly 10 years but throw in an assist mechanic and I’m day one again!

So when using assists in combos is the idea , well my point character won’t recover from this attack before my opponent leaves a juggle state but I could call an assist to juggle and allow me to recover and then continue? So just like after goku’s tatsu, if that had been an assist you’d still catch them with say 5M then jump cancel into your air combo?

Also I’m guessing you could have have an assist that OTGs after a J. H or would you want the assist to catch them before they even hit the ground?

I’m finding adding extra lights often decreases combo damage.

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This. You also have to consider whether or not your combos are worth extending if they’re only giving you 50 extra damage. Why risk dropping the combo for such little damage? Especially online? Just something to consider!