Between DC and Marvel...which do you prefer the most?

I personally prefer Marvel more than DC, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like DC comics, it’s just that monthly-wise I’m more interested in Marvel comics more than DC ones.

I like Marvel’s current stuff way more than DC’s current superhero stuff. There are a lot of Marvel books I look forward to reading and am excited to think about. With DC at the moment, I’m not really too crazy about anything outside of ASS, and maybe Detective Comics and Batman (when they aren’t being overrun by crossovers or fill-ins). I also think Marvel’s exclusive writers and artists are more talented, and Marvel’s coaches implement their players into a superior gameplan than DC does with their players.

If we’re talking all-time, which is kind of what I assumed when I voted in the poll, I like them both equally. I think I will always have favoritism for Marvel’s superhero universe, but DC published a lot of forward-thinking and bold comics over the years, things that I don’t think Marvel has ever matched until this past decade or so. And they got Vertigo, WildStorm, CMX, and Paradox (and used to have a deal with Humanoids).

Yes I mean all-time :wink:
I personally find it difficult to get into some Marvel series from the 90s, but these past few years Marvel have been pumping out some really good stuff. Plus Marvel have DeadPool which is one of the reasons I like Marvel more.

In terms of the superhero stuff, I’d lean towards Marvel. Recently though, both made some decisions that really bug me though (One More Day, Superboy-Prime retcon punches, etc). I was a bit skeptical about Secret Invasion, however after reading the 1st issue, I’m am looking forward to the rest of the series. Not too sure about Final Crisis. I checked out DC Universe #0, and it just seems that there’s too much chaos and not enough focus.

On the non-superhero stuff, I prefer DC. Y the Last Man, Fables, Ex Machina. Marvel has Criminal, but I’d much rather read DC’s titles for the non-superhero genre.

I prefer 616 Marvel to Superhero DC stuff.

Their world just seems more cohesive.

Something that happens in X will be referenced in Y.

That doesn’t happen as much with DC.

Overall I prefer Marvel to DC, always have. Though currently I like DC a bit more right now.

Marvel to me has done quite a few missteps lately like killing Sabretooth, getting rid of Spider-Man’s marriage, the Black Panther and Storm marriage that made up a phoney history to get them together, etc. In some ways they’ve made Marvel a truly unpredictable place. Which is good in some ways because it leads to endless discussion and hey, gives me a reason to mod and all. But I dunno man lately it just feels like whatever they do can end in a potential screw up like the last issue of Civil War or just not living up to expectations like the last issue of Annihilation Conquest.

With DC lately, whenever I pick up a comic and I read it I’m genuinly happy. All Star Superman, Detective Comics, Sinestro Corps, Nightwing, Teen Titans and so on, these are comics I read and I am happy with what is happening in the books, I look forward to reading them. With Marvel it’s like “Oh noos who is a Skrull and how is the character I like getting screwed over bigtime this month?” Sometimes I do read a Marvel comic and am genuinly happy, but lately it happens more often with DC. Of course the world of suspense that Marvel’s created does make me go for their books first, the ones they haven’t turned me away from anyway.

So with me it comes down to what’s better, reading a comic and just being happy with what’s being done with the characters in those books or picking something up and not knowing how the heck is said person about to get screwed over BIG TIME? Hmm, maybe I’m just too much in the moment right now and a few years from now the Marvel stuff will stand out more. DC to me ‘seems’ to be giving fans more of the things they want and Marvel seems to have the attitude that they know better than we do. I suppose it’s too early to say, for me anyway what is the right answer.

Still, when I look back at old 60s Marvel comics, lots of unpredictable things happened and people got screwed over, in some occassions even worse than some things going on right now. I can’t really put my finger on it but it’s like back then they knew how to do unpredictable things and bad things to characaters while making people still feel good about reading about a hero they were following and so on. Marvel’s not really like that nowadays. Hmmm, this is hard to explain actually. I suppose it might just be the medium growing up and all.

Suffice it to say I do think that Marvel does better events, especially lately. Countdown was a letdown and Amazon’s Attack was whack. The ressurection of Ra’s was pretty good though. World War Hulk, Messiah Complex and Secret Invasion are all kinds of awesome. Final Crisis sounds really interesting and so does Trinity, I guess we’ll see.

Overall I like both though. I did start out as a Marvel person and only got into DC within the last 15 years or so really. I’ll probably always know more about Marvel characters and it’s world than DC. Of course, DC’s a lot trickier with the multiple continuites and their versions of Marvel Universe books, what was the old one - Who’s Who? And then there was that big DC Universe book with the Alex Ross cover - those just don’t hold up to Marvel’s informative books. It’s like 10 times easier to read up on Marvel’s universe than DCs for some reason. To me anyway. Of course maybe it’s just that with Marvel I know where to look. I trust the internet about as far as I can throw it and would rather get information from some source material book. Only using internet for info if I can’t find something else, or am just lazy at the moment… :rofl:

I’m all Marvel. I like DC but MArvel has the X-men who I wanted to be a part of since I was kid. Spider-man my favorite hero, the Hulk. And others. Marvel characters just seem more “human” in sense than DC characters. DC had great stories but I feel more of a connection with MArvel characters. It’s like with Spider-man(RL isssues) I all I can relate to that. Y’know?

i will not choose between my children.

Pre-Infinite Crisis DC was too good. The hype leading up to that was some of the best work they put out, but nowadays, DC is just lacking a LOT. They can hype up all the major events they want, but the events themselves just fall apart and ruin everything in the long run. Marvel’s major events all tie together, which is a good thing. And in all fairness, DC only has Geoff Johns going for them(sadly he fucked up with Infinite Crisis). Every other writer on their staff sucks hard(exception being Grant Morrison). Plus, he is a lot more consistent with his solo character projects. Marvel has Brubaker and Bendis. That’s pretty much a pair you’re not going to be fucking with in comics these days since they both write a hajillion books a month.

Plus, Marvel uses their B-list characters a lot better these days than DC does. DC only brings them out for major crossovers and that’s it. Booster Gold and Hawkman were the two best B-list books they’ve put out in a while(and both written by Geoff Johns, go figure).

Overall Marvel they got more characters that i like and their stories are more fun to read
Altough i think that DC top writers (Morrison and Johns) are slightly better than Marvel writers but Marvel got alot more writers going on for them (Millar Ellis Brubaker to name a few) so ill say Marvel is favor in like 55% to 45%

mahvell baby!

Its Mahvel Baby!

I like some of the DC stuff, though i have a harder time getting integrated with the DC universe (the weird villains and heroes) than Marvel’s, probably because Ive been a Marvel fan longer than a DC one.

And some of their heroes just seem far too broken (thats why Batman will always be my favorite DC hero).

Green Lantern’s major arc was AMAZING this year, my fav event by far, followed by Messiah Complex. Booster Gold is fun stuff. And I love Vertigo.

But I just cant seem to enjoy the Outsiders, JSA, Legion, Crisis etc (though Teen Titans is really cool)

They’re both gay as hell. Impossibly gay. Richard Simmons gay. Go to a health club that has individual shower stalls. Glimpse below the curtain and you might see the feet of Marvel and DC in the same stall. That’s how gay they are.

But I give the edge to DC, and that’s only because of the amazing groundwork they were laying while Marvel was still in its infancy. Anything good in either universe these days has its roots in old DC.

Personally, I prefer Marvel overall. When I was born two of the first things I started watching were Batman and X-Men and even back then I preferred Wolverine overall. Batman is just about the only DC comic character I really like as opposed to Deadpool, Wolverine, Magneto, The Punisher, etc.

I do love some Lobo though.

I don’t follow comics book enough to provide an in depth opinion. I’ve read some staples: Hush, infinity Crisis, civil war. Not enough to say which writers I like better. My opinion is based solely on the characters I enjoy reading about and those will always be Batman/Green Lantern.

Well Marvel’s stuff has always been a bit more human than DC’s superheroes wise, but if we get all of those wildstorm comics that DC owns… DC does put up a good fight against Marvel. Although I have prefered Marvel more (which I voted for) this shouldn’t turn down other SRK members from buying DC’s stuff.

Too bad the poll results don’t show who voted for what. 26 votes but only 16 posts?


As much as I hate DC nowadays they still get my loyalty even though marvel is a very very close second

Say what you want about Spider-man but IMO (and I think it’s a fact) if we were to Tier an Overall Top 3 superheroes spidey would still be number 3

  1. Superman (say what you want about him being boring/outdated he’s still the granddaddy of em all and cannot be disputed outside of pessimism/bias against)

  2. Batman (IMO is a lot more different than Both Supes and Spidey just to the fact that he has NO POWERS)

  3. Spider-man (A very successful formula but IMO it just Magnifies what the 1940’s Siegel and Shuster Superman was to a more relatable 60’s version)

  4. Wonder-Woman/Cap Tain America (Tie)

Marvel overall

always have and most likely always will.

I think the stories are much better, the character backgrounds…well for it’s time were not that cliche and cheesy unlike the whole Wonder Woman and Super Man thing “I’m the strongest woman in the world and I can’t be defeated blah blah blah”.
And Marvel incorporates real life issues through there comic books, look at X-men and the discrimination towards the mutants. When I first got into DC majority of there characters were just the typical super heroes, I feel Marvel digs deeper.

I like Marvel a bit better only because I know more of their super heroes. However, in terms of art, I think DC has some of the coolest styles I’ve ever seen, especially with a lot of the Batman stuff I’ve read.