Beware Buying from!


Barely a week after I ordered my credit card info was used to buy several 100bucks from a oldnavy store a few hours away and used to purchase FTD flowers.

Take this warning to heart. I’ve been doing research all day and the address modchipman ships from is a hop and skip from away this old navy if your committing fraud and trying to not get it linked back.


thanks for the heads up


That’s not good. Were you able to refute it?

I was wondering, how did they charge your card without it physically being there?


Wow, that’s surprising. Maybe an errant employee? I used to hear good things about that site a few years ago.


Get the Visa SWATsquad to bust a cap in their ass.


I’ve ordered from them in the past (3 years ago) with no problems.

Sad to hear that happen.


If you’ve got the card number, card name, date, and most importantly CVVS information off the back its very easy to use it. After all your giving any vendor that info when you buy online.

So I did get my cthulhu board I ordered from them, but I also got unauthorized charges from a location within driving distance of where they ship from. :confused:


Thats my general thought actually. But I won’t ever trust their shop again either. The charges on the card read like a late teen/early 20’s person did them. I’ve got the Old Navy store pulling the receipts etc and video tapes of the approx time this happen.

I can’t refute the charges till Wed as they haven’t fully cleared into my account yet either :confused:


That sucks man.

Good news though, I hear credit card fraud situations such as the one you’re facing is very easily traceable.

Your credit card company will almost certainly not charge you for the stuff that the scumbag has charged to your card in your name.

Best of luck.


Ya I’m not worried. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up since you can only get the cthulthu from these guys and direct from toodles at the moment.


Oh wow. I used paypal with modchipman and just recieved 3 of my cthulhu boards. I wonder if I opened myself self up to getting scammed out of money via paypal


PayPal is harder to get scammed with. The only way (to the best of my knowledge) you can be scammed with PayPal is if you gave your password to someone else.

Your invoice/receipt does not show your credit card number.


but if the whole webpage is designed to steal information about your paypal account as you enter it in the order process…

I will be checking on my paypal account for the time being.


Oh, I suppose you mean like some sort of key logger?

Well the thing is the site in question was a legit place of business, just seems like a rotton employee decided to take advantage of his/her position.

But yeah, you might wanna keep an eye on your account just in case.


i ordered a toodles pcb from them a couple weeks ago so this is not good to hear. getting my statement this week so i better not see any “other” charges on there.


Honestly sounds like he got phished somehow else, or someone stole his credit card.


i dont think it was modchipman.
you may have been a victim of a card skim scam at some gas station months ago.
some places that run these card skim clone scams wait a while before they start charging away to avoid getting caught.


No I did not get phished. No I did not get card skimmed. :confused:

I have different cards for different things. I don’t pay for dinner nor gas with the card that was scammed. This card I only use online things like this, and I haven’t used it for a online buy in months.

Sorry guys too many things point to someone at modchipman. But like I said this was more of a warning for you guys to not use CC at this shop.

Also seeing how the card has been in my wallet and is currently sitting in front of me, it hasn’t been stolen from my person unless my wife, cats, or dog did it.


Uh, you could’ve been keylogged. You sure?


They wrote … “…we will be receiving more stock soon this week …” last week (or at least thats what I read last week)… and thats the reason why I placed my order with them instead of straight from Toodles (as he prefer us to order the board from the shops)…

Now lets hope “this week” means this week…or depending when you’re reading it …

Stating on the website what date range the boards will be restocked would be really really useful instead of ‘this week’…