Beware My Power: Green Lantern's thread


I’ve discovered a few things about the Green Lantern:

  • Trait buff grants 10% extra damage, and it improves specials in other ways. The lift will ground bounce and set up a combo while the overhead rockets will leave the opponent in the air longer, allowing you to combo out of those. The minigun will go full screen while trait buffed. It’s fairly easy to get a safe one too, with Green Lantern’s b13 string.

  • His meterless damage is kind of low on its own (30% at best, mid-30s with trait, both with a starting F3 to ground bounce.), but he has a lot of ways to get to his best damage. This keeps him from being predictable.

  • If he spends meter, he can do a lot with it. EX Oa’s Rocket brings the opponent closer to you allowing for shenanigans like this. EX Lift (and even trait-buffed regular lift) can set up more combos or just another lift. EX chaingun will just do a lot of raw damage. The rocket doesn’t even need to be meter burned unless it hits, and it lasts for quite a few frames.

  • His super isn’t that great except as a deal-closer and an unclashable source of big damage (the same things every super shares). He does a lot more with EX meter burn than he ever could with that.

  • He can pretend to be a zoner against non-zoners, but against those built for zoning he’s better off just getting in and trying to stay no further out than half the screen. Turbine (air or otherwise) is a great way to close distance if you know when to do it.

  • The lift is ridiculous, it makes Green Lantern harder to jump in on than Sagat, and I could easily see it get a range and/or speed nerf in the first hotfix.