"Beware the Hair" - The Lars Thread


“Beware the Hair” - The Lars Thread




Welcome to the SRK TTT2 Lars Alexandersson thread!
You can find notable moves, combos, maybe some frame data, and all that other good stuff here.
This is also the place for general Lars discussion, so any discoveries can be documented here.
Also, if you find out what brand of hair gel Lars uses, tell us!


“You really think you can stop me?” - About Lars


[details=Spoiler]Lars has a heroic personality as he lead the coup d’etat into defeating the Mishima Zaibatsu, he has the fighting spirit and determination of his half-nephew, Jin Kazama. He also has the charisma of his adopted brother Lee Chaolan, but is the complete opposite to Heihachi and Kazuya in terms of personality. He strongly resembles Jin Kazama at times.
Lars’s actions and surroundings fit the mold of a arch-typical hero. Lars’s personality ranges from calm to angry at various moments, and his words and actions are of a soldier. As Lars’s point is to defeat Jin and declare peace, he is somewhat a second hero after Jin. [/details]

Lars is (probably) the new protagonist of the Tekken series, introduced in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. He is a fantastic character for newcomers of the series to learn the game with, with excellent pokes, fantastic punishes and damaging combos with low execution requirements, especially at the wall. Given these, Lars becomes a lot scarier in the hands of an experienced player, as well as seeming to have great synergy with a good portion of the cast of TTT2, make him an excellent choice for players of all skill levels.

New and changed moves

[details=Spoiler]New moves

SE d/f+1 - a new mid-hitting B! move. Is more consistent and has better range than f,b+2,1, though has slightly less damage (I think it’s only 1 point less, though - quite negligible). It is, however, less consistent on backturned opponents. You can get a bit more creative in combos with this move, but the downside is that it’s launch punishable on block (-15), so only use it in combos.

b+2,3 - a mid-high string that is safe on block, though it doesn’t jail. Good damage, knocks down on hit and causes W!. It’s no longer hit-confirmable like it was in original arcade TTT2, so it’s best use is as a whiff punisher near the wall.

f+4,1,2,1 - a new string that is very useful near the wall. f+4,1,2 is NCc. The last hit seems to be -14, so be careful. The third hit, however, is -10. f+4,1 is safe, and can be used as a nice poke.

Changed moves

b+1 - range has been reduced.

d/b+2 - base damage reduced

1,2; d/b+2,1 - no longer homing

b+2,1 - now -10, but hit-confirmable

DE 1+2 - Now safe on block (-9)

d+2 - now causes B!.

u/f+4 - no longer causes B!.

DE 1+2 - no longer launches at all.

f+1+2 - now launch punishable on block (-14), and has less range.

iSW - causes W! after a B!, so you can land a shoulder (f+1+4) after it at the right ranges.

u/f+3 - damage reduced, hurtbox enlarged so other characters can punish it more easily. Contrary to what I said earlier, it seems that this move did not lose any of it’s crush frames.[/details]

Notable moves

[details=Spoiler]f+2,4 - probably one of the best i12 punishers in the game. Has enormous range, great damage, knocks down and causes W!. You can use this to punish moves that are -12 and -13 on block.

d/f+1 - a great poke with good range, slight tracking to the left, has slight high-crush properties, -1 on block and gives + frames on hit.

f+1+2 - JYU! A pretty standard whiff punisher after a sidestep, and can be used to punish moves that are -15. You can buffer a tag into this launcher, and getting rid of your opponent’s red health is always nice. It’s -14 on block, so it’s technically launch-punishable, but only by a small handful of the cast. Just be careful throwing it out there, anwyay.

b+1 - a fantastic move. An i15 homing chop that is safe on block.

u/f+3 - every Lars player’s favourite move. Though it lost a good number of the crush frames that it had in BR, it still crushes highs and lows, and since it’s a knee, it can’t be parried.

d/f+2 - totally awesome. i15, tracks slightly to the right, safe, has some high crush frames, gives + frames on NH and launches on CH.

f,f+1+2 - tracks to the left, safe on block, knocks down on NH and launches on CH. Good move for spacing.

d/b+4 - a slow/punishable sweep (i21, -21 on block), but has great range, crushes highs, can stop some lateral movement and sets up a small juggle on CH.

f,f+4,3 - the rage inducer. An unseeable low-mid NC with amazing damage. Keep in mind,
though, that it is launch punishable on block and is even slightly negative on hit, so be careful.

FC d/f+1+2 - two-hit low that’s only -13 on block. Likely his best low after f,f+4,3. Can be used to set up a scary FC game.

b+2,1 - It’s a hit-confirmable poke. Those are pretty good in Tekken.

Tag-bufferable launchers

SE 3*

*The ability to tag-buffer SE 3 means that you can do a tag combo from ws1_f,f+2~f, SE 3~5. Stupid red life damage.[/details]



Frame Data (courtesy of Avoiding The Puddle)


“You look like you know a thing or two.” - Lars teams and combos


[details=Spoiler]From my experience, Lars seems to fit in really well with just about anyone. I’ve had moderate success pairing Lars with Miguel and Bryan - both teams have fantastic damage and mixups together.
My guess is that you could play anyone you want and then throw Lars in if you can’t think of anyone else. If you’ve got any other ideas, feel free to tell us![/details]


[details=Spoiler]Solo combos

f+1+2, d/f+2, d/b+2,1, f+2,1~f, SE d/f+1 B!

u/f+4, f+1,2,3~f, DE 1~f, SE d/f+1 B!

ws+1_ff+2~f, SE 3, d/b+2,1, f+2,1~f, SE d/f+1 B!

u/f+3, ws+2, d/b+2~f, SE d/f+1 B!

CH d/f+2_CH DE 2, f+(1),2,3~f, DE 1~f, SE d/f+1 B!

CH f,f+1+2, DE 1, 2, d/b+2,1, d/b+2~f, SE d/f+1 B!

Solo B! Enders

d/b+2~f, SE 1_3 - Your general solo ender. SE 1 for damage, SE 3 for oki/safe tags.

DE 1,2 - I remember having a hard time getting this in BR, but it was possible, and I don’t believe it’s any different here. Good post B! wall carry.

d/b+2,3 - an alternative to DE 1,2. Less damage, but easier to do.

d/b+2,1, f+1+4 - optimally, this is how you’ll be ending your post-B! wall combos. Massive damage. If you don’t get to the wall until after your B!, you may have to substitute d/b+2,1 for d/f+1 before f+1+4.

f+4,1,2,1 - in cases where the previous wall combo ender doesn’t work, you can use this.

TA! Enders

iSW (fff+2+4 air throw) - one of his better options to end a TA! combo. If you’re in range, you can land a f+1+4 after the iSW if you throw them into the wall. A relatively generic ender, and a good place to start from.

f,f+2~f, SE 1_3 - Fantastic damage and arguably Lars’ best post-TA! ender. Use SE 1 for damage, SE 3 for oki setups.

Tag Assault fillers

d/f+3,3 - a pretty generic TA filler and a good place to start. It’s not the best option, but it has pretty good wall carry and you do get a running 3 after it.

DE~d/f, ws+2~f, SE 1 - Lars’ sandwich combo. For those confused, what you’re doing is after the TA!, you’re manually inputting a Dynamic Entry (f+3), using d/f to cancel the animation, then using ws+2, cancelling that into Silent Entry and then using SE 1.

1+2~b, f+4,1,2,1 - Your wall TA filler. Use it, abuse it.[/details]

Team combos


Lars f+1+2

  • d/f+2, d/b+2~f, SE d/f+1 B!~5, TA! Miguel ssr d/f+4,1~f, SAV 1,2,1, Lars iSW
  • d/f+2, d/b+2~f, SE d/f+1 B!~5, TA! Bryan b+2,1,4, Lars f,f+2~f, SE 1_3
    Lars u/f+4
  • DE 2, d/b+2~f, SE d/f+1 B!~5, TA! Miguel ssr d/f+4,1~f, SAV 1,2,1, Lars iSW
  • DE 2, d/f+2, d/b+2~f, SE d/f+1 B!~5, TA! Bryan b+2,1,4, Lars DE 1~f, SE 1_3*
  • the timing’s a little weird, but you can hit f,f+2~f, SE 1_3 after the b+2,1,4 in this combo

More to be added later![/details]


I just want to say thanks for all the info. I really appreciate it. There’s a lot of great info here especially the notable moves section.




Just looking for input, guys - would it be worth adding a section for Lars’ Dynamic/Silent Entry stances? I’m thinking maybe a rundown of how you can get into each stance, moves available from each stance, etc.


I don’t know…it might be pointless TBH. That’ll just be like a command list which anyone can look it up in the game.

I think we should discuss more theory fighting like what we should do at a wall, or what wall carries we use. Maybe which punishers to use in what situation.

That’s jsut me…I’d rather have that kind of information and help from veterans.


Edit - For example in this vid at the 00:23 mark, Only Practice does this insane wall carry but i can’t seem to replicate it. The db+2,3 wallsplats too low that by the time i try to link 1+2+5, they’ve hit the ground. Is this only for a specific distance?


I can’t check that video at the moment, but I’ll give it a look when I get home.
If anyone else is able to review it in the meantime, please do. :smiley:


I think I know the answer to that. I guess I just need help with my wall carry combos and what to do at the wall.

I’ve only seriously played TTT1 so walls are so foreign to me. I know Lars’ wall game is where he excels too.


The full combo there seemed to be:
f+1+2, d/b+2, d/b+2,1, d/b+2,3, DE 1+2 B!~5, TA! Nina (whatever that string is), Lars d/f+1, f+4,1,2,1.
So that’s not Lars’ 1+2+5, what only practice is doing there is inputting f+3 for Dynamic Entry, and then using DE 1+2.

With regards to the general wall game, it’s best if you try and save your B! until you get to the wall.
I’ve updated the ‘Combos’ section to show different enders you can use after your B!. For wall carry, you’ll generally want to be using [d/b+2,3].
Like you said, the wall is where Lars becomes incredibly scary.
Generally, your wall combo after a B! will be either [d/b+2,1, f+1+4] or [f+4,1,2,1]. The first one is where you generally want to go, as it has way more damage than the second option. As a TA! filler at the wall, he can use [TA! 1+2~b, f+4,1,2,1], which does absolutely stupid damage and pops the opponent back up again for easier connecting of other wall combos.
Of course, one of the biggest things contributing to the ‘Lars + Wall = GG’ scenario is his 12-frame punisher, [f+2,4]. This has great damage by itself, but the big thing here is that it also wall-splats, meaning that if you land it near a wall, you can use [f,b+2,1] after the wall-splat and go into crazy damage from there.


This is exactly what I needed! Thank you so much. It seems so easy lol

As for the video, I knew he was going into DE but I still couldn’t pull it off. I think I just had to do it faster. Again thx a lot!


No worries, dude. I’m glad I could help!
Yeah, you can pretty much input it like a buffer. f+3~1+2 will make DE 1+2 come out - no need to delay it.


I just watched Aek play Kazuya/Lars on Tekken Busters and I think it’s a pretty ridiculous team comp if you could get over the higher learning curve of a Mishima.


Hello to you guys ,I just wanted to ask a quick question since i noticed something weird in training mode today , when i did U/F 4 (his jump kick thing) he did it a different way , like usually he spins around and smashes his opponent in the ground , but what i saw was just a quick hop and the same move properties , it just seemed a bit faster , like wgf and ewgf , also im not a tekken player (this is my first tekken game) and i was curious if its some sort of hidden move ? I checked the move list , nothing like that was in it


What you’ve done there is Lars’ generic U/F~4. By holding any upwards direction, you’ll automatically jump. Inputting a 4 in this jump will result in a generic hopkick-like attack. By the way, when I say ‘generic’, I mean every character has this exact move.
The difference between Lars’ u/f+4 and U/F~4 is that u/f+4 causes a high bounce launch and is safe (-9). U/F~4 causes a generic launch, and I’m fairly sure that no U/F~4 is safe on block. They may even be launch punishable. Basically, you won’t ever see anyone do them outside of a combo where they’ve used Jack-6’s TA! u+1+2. I think that’s the command for it, anyway.
To get u/f+4, just try and hit u/f and 4 at the same time. Don’t be too strict about it, though - it’s not like timing an EWGF. :smiley:


I’ve just added a new little section that lists Lars’ tag-bufferable launchers.

Also, I just realised that Lars/Lee would be a fantastic team.
We all know that Lars is an absolute nightmare for your opponent when he’s got his back to the wall. I’m thinking this, combined with Lee’s stellar wall-carry capabilities (plus the fact that they have a totally bad-ass tag throw, albeit not as badass as Jin/Lars’), would make them a fantastic team.
The only problem is that aside from b+2~f,N juggles, I have no clue how to play Lee. ._.


I noticed that when I do a neutral 3, that I can hold down to go into a kind of twirling squat. Is there anything special about this? The only thing I think it lets Lars do is get really low then cancel quickly into one of his u/f moves like u/f 3 or 4.

Also does anyone know other moves that will let him do this? Its definitely not one of his entry stances, but its a nice gimmick to crush highs and get a u/f 4 launch. I also haven’t tried to get a WS move out of it so I don’t know if it would be useful for getting a WS 2.
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Oh and I know what that other guy was talking about, its not his u/f(hold) 4 but rather a quicker version of his u/f 4 launcher. I did it a few times in training, and I THOUGHT maybe it was from going u/f to d super quick when performing the move but I’ve never been able to accurately reproduce it.


3~d is a quick transition into a crouch. It can be useful for setting up shenanigans with his different stances.
You can also transition into crouching with d/b+1,3~d. Out of the crouch, you can do ws+2.
Sometimes, I like to be a spaz and do this:
d/b+1,3~d, ws+2~d, DE 1~f, SE 1
The stance transitions can mess with some people. :stuck_out_tongue:
Otherwise, the ability to get a ws+2 is really helpful, as you can use ws+2 as a bait. Since the DE transition moves you backwards, if you notice your opponent trying to do something, you can use DE 1,2 as a punish.