BEWD Colors return

Hey guys, haven’t posted in here in a long time, been really getting overwhelmed with school and the like but finally getting some free time, and decided to try my hand at fancolorings again, anyone from the previous thread should know I do mostly Grappler Baki colors, though have done a few odd ones like Riki-Oh as well, should have a new piece within a few hours, and decided to make a new thread, and I’ll re-up one of my favorite panels I colored to start off.

Aforementioned quick piece I did, This is a panel from the original grappler baki series(note the difference in art style), a lot of times I prefer the older style of the series, but I also like the more detailed style in the later series.

Colored this image of Hanayama from New Grappler Baki, he had just gotten into a fight with Speck, and had a diet of bullets.

Baki’s Father, Hanma Yuujirou displaying his Oni Reflex Muscle:

good stuff. I see you improved.

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Hey guys, just recently got back into coloring, this was the latest thing I did a month ago by request:

ridiculously awesome

Absolutely impressive coloring there, BEWD! :bgrin:

ty! =D, hopefully I’ll have more stuff for you guys soon, hectic work week >.<

Good stuff.

Do you plan on coloring anything from Garouden ?

Or even better… Oyaji :smiley:

^Yessir, I plan to do stuff from Garouden and Tough. :D, If you have a specific page from Oyaji you want done lemme know. :smiley:

Vol1 Page 60.

The full body shot with him holding the Shovel >:)

Just letting you guys know, I haven’t abandoned the thread, just been really busy lately, this is what I’m working on now