Beyonce's daughters name spelled backwords means lucifers daughter in Latin

Whats your thoughts on this, im interested in this and i want more ppls perspectives…is this just simply a publicity stunt or is this whole thing about the illuminati true

Kill it…

with fire.

Publicity or just a coincidence …

Celebrity gossip is the fucking worst.

No one believes this right? How could you possibly believe that Lucifer would want a black baby?

i like when the title of a thread is directly contradicted by the link in the first post that the thread is supposedly about

Makes sense. I’ll bet you can get pretty nasty sunburns in hell.

But ya, obviously the most logical conclusion here is this has to do with the illuminati.

I’m with P. Gorath. The link itself states that, according to their research, there is no proof that the name backwards means devil’s daughter. Not in translation; not in reference to any text.

This is simple.

Yo I took latin for 5 years and trust me, these words look too awkward to be latin…

I don’t think there was the idea of a heaven or hell when this ish was being spoken to begin with…

There was one guy that handled the heaven and hell thing considering they both were his domains…

He was called fucking Pluto, or as you would know him as… Hades…

EDIT: i.e Hang yourself for believing in the illuminati, there is no discussion to be had…

So this “illuminati”,trying to keep it’s very existence a secret, is simultaniously dropping clues about itself through pop singer’s daughter’s names?..spelled backwards? Just for shits and giggles?

But, listen, I’ll tell you a secret…If you spell my name backwards, put the letters in random order, write them down on a piece of paper, put that piece of paper in the 765th page of the Bible and placed that Bible under a glass of red wine with a cat’s skull inside it, then read that paper on a full moon it also spells out Lucifer’s daughter…backward. Jesus fuck people outside of high school buy this evil illuminati shit?

Btw…the name Lucifer doesn’t refer to the devil when it’s mentioned in the bible, so who the fuck cares if it’s Lucifer’s daughter backward. And your fucking source is a Christian one and they don’t even know this. Somehow I’m not surprised.

Im using this because i was linked this by a friend of mine and it started a discussion and i figured i would get input from ppl on SRK…if you dont like it then simply dont comment

Wait… So… Wtf? Your name is ikoons? Shit…

Horrible…HORRIBLE idea.

seems like unless its fighting games no one cares

Or maybe your thread isn’t really worth discussing…venture GD more.

I’m more curious as to why the fuck you would name your daughter that. This isn’t a fucking fantasy novel.

Better than Moon Unit I suppose.

At least Ricky Bobby got it right…

heres some input


The names of celebrity babies are always ridiculous.