Beyond Comprehension: Harpies Force Boy to Have Sex with Family Pet


To protect the family pet, I refrained from calling them bitches. Working with an organization who works with individuals who have autism, this sick and twisted.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/torture13n-1-web.jpg


Haven’t read anything in the OP, jumped in to ask why this isn’t in the Florida thread.


Is not beyond comprehension, they are simply sociopaths that find joy by humillating and dehumanizing their victims.
I really hope that they are hit with all the weigh of the law.


I was really hoping an actual harpy was to blame :frowning:


Jesus Christ I didn’t know a human’s eyes could be that close together.


I hope creation can do even worse to her than making her an ugly female.


But seriously.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/torture13n-1-web.jpg


so what pet was it?

I am hoping it was one of those pot belly pigs or something more fun than a dog.


Do not trust


Hopefully the cunts get punished.


Caught this on the news this morning My morning coffee was so bitter. They said sexual acts but not that he performed with an animal, exlicitly in the headlines.

that is in fact beyond comprehension.


In before they get a slap on the wrist and a minor fine, or they get given minimal jail time (maybe 2-5 years) for this shit.


Not to underscore the deranged nature of this…But this sounds like some fucked up hypothetical drunk people in a bar would talk about.

“If someone held a knife to your neck would you have sex with a dog?”


million would pay top $ for the video :coffee:

or “suck a dicc for a million dollars”

everyone says no but everyone would for half…probably even less :wasted:


It’s normally predators that have eyes at the front of the head, those eyes may signify a more potent animalistic potential in the individual


That chicks face reminds me of when I accidentally misplaced a character creation slider in Oblivion. Is there a profile shot of her? Her nose is actually probably completely flat but you just can’t see it


It looks like her face was pressed against a glass window.


Waiting till both girls are excused from jail time due to"insert excuse"here victim card.


Might as well start a betting square on it. I got $10 on “Abused by father as a child.”.
Got $5 on “Mentally unstable and forgot to take the meds, but she got back on her meds and magically regretted what she did”. That’s my back up plan.


These poor girls are obviously the REAL victims here. Hopefully they will get treated for their debilitating social condition and by treated I mean raped by a pod of dolphins.