Beyond stumped ... brain fried and frazzeled


I have a stick. I moved the guts from a fightstick pro to a modified TE case. I prefer the noir/blast city layout. hence the modified part.
All is gravey. everything works well, buttons, fire when hit, and the stick performs as it should in multiple applications( dash board,sfxt,mvc3,sfivae,dustforce.)
now the problem. NBA JAM onfire edition. in the menus of the game every button works as it should… but in the game. LB, RB, and RT don’t work, and LT is firing as LT + B.

i can… not figure it out. its beyond me. i have like a bunch of sticks and this is the only one that acts like this.
Im open to suggestions/solutions, im pretty much at the point where im ready to destroy the thing and start fresh, which seems almost senseless being as how the stick works fine for everything else


Best thing to do is take a break. Put your modified TE stick to the side, perhaps work on other projects/interest.

When a few days/ weeks passed, and this stick is no longer vexing you, take the time to go though and list all your symptoms of your stick and what is working and not working.

The Fightstick Pro and the TE should have the same guts, did you do any dual mods or anything exotic?


it could be the coding work done on the game you’re playing. certain ps2 games played on a backwards compatible ps3 won’t function with a ps3 TE stick. games on next-gen consoles could work with current gen sticks but there’s coding involved and also politics/financial interests with the companies producing next-gen sticks. it could be that your stick will never work properly on that game no matter how much fiddling you do with it.

that said, why would you play an NBA game on a stick anyways? i can understand shoot-em-ups or beat-em-ups but some games really are just meant to be played on a pad.


no, dual mods just drag and drop
i have a stick that has a pad hacked sfiv fightpad in it and it works fine for jam on 360
I also have a ps3 TE and it works fine on jam for sony.

And NBA Jam is an arcade game meant to be played with a stick. Boom shac-a-laca


If it’s possible to play a game on stick, I play it that way. NBA Jam is an arcade game though. Definitely made for it.