Beyond Technical - Episode 4: Where Did We Go Wrong

Hey guys and girls,

Another episode of Beyond Technical doing a few matches and making sure that everybody is up on all the great SF4 content that came out this week.

I just watched your video for the first time. Great work. One question, how do you video capture with such quality from the PS3?


Sorry about a bit of a slow response here, but I use the Hauppage HD recorder. It was a huge pain to setup but since then it has worked out really well. Most of the setup pain was my own ignorance as well so it’d pretty good. I’ve seen another recorder (Sorry I’m forgetting the name of it right now) that allows for component OR hdmi inputs that seems like something I would go with over the Hauppage now. Sorry a quick search didn’t turn up the other HD recorder I was referencing but it’s called an HD PVR for reference.

Let me know if you’ve got any more questions and thanks for watching the show!