Beyond Technical - Episode 6: Getting Classy With Controllers

Beyond Technical is back this week with an episode showcasing all of the possible controller options and answering some of the most asked questions of new players wanting to know what their choices are.

Check it out or share it around for anybody who has questions about controllers! If there’s anything you don’t feel was covered please drop a line in the video comments or on the facebook page as I probably wont answer you as fast if you post here.

Here’s the video:

Not the place for this. Saikyo Dojo is for general gameplay related questions, not advertisements. Starcade will be along shortly to close the thread.

tossing down to tech talk

Saying “fight stick” to describe a Hori makes me :sad:.

Hori does not make “Fight Sticks” , they make arcade sticks.

They make Fighting Stick though.