Beyond tricks, *Strategy*

Hey guys, I put some clips of me and my buddies playing on my site, and lots of people responded. Over all Ive noticed that people tell me things like, yes you can rc, and u know some tricks and what not, but your basic foundation is crap.
So when I herd that I immediately started to work on my basics, and after a day or 2 I posted more clips and people could see an improvement.

Point: Good players, if you wouldnt mind telling other people what your mind set is when you play? Like what are you going for when u start the match, ECT.

So far the strategies that I know of are
Rushing down
and the wall start


wtf is wall start

read about the wall strat (just what i call it) on


the basic idea of the wall strat, is you make it dificult for your oponent to attack you (thats a wall) then if they over come that tatic, you might begin to really fight, or mabye u have another wall for the enemy to over come.

for example i rember, my first turny i played aginst a guy who used vegas wall claw dive (which crosses u up) and he hit me with it every time, that was a wall that i couldent get over, if i had he probly would have then use some other strats, but since i dident make it over that wall. he did it till i died. (i know how to bet that wall now though )

my mindset depends on my characters.

say for this team:


kim gives meter for sakura, but if kim has to do his CC i will because Sakura gets a lot of meter for doing what she does. Sakura is my main attacker. Mai pretty much cleans up people.

with kim i play a combonation of rushdown and runaway. with mai i play runaway with a little bit of rushdown. etc.


Guile is great at zoning so i use him that way. guile gives meter for chunli, she has killer supers. i play a footsie chunli and try to make them whiff and then it’s mp xx death. i also sbk trap if i can.



wall start
wall start

… wall start
ahah. wall start. That sounds hilarious.

wall start wall start wall start wall start wall start wall start wall start

walls tart? wall start


:lol: always a source of amusement at work.

Wall start is sucky. You have other options rather than just pressing one button over and over again. The only thing you’re going to get from that in CvS2 is people laughing at you (ie. what happened when Sirlin tried that against the Japanese at Evl2k2).

It’s good on paper, but experience in a real game is all that matters in the end. You’ll see what’s good and what’s not the more you play.

in regards to

he must’ve been fighting retards that can’t get past low strongs.

that was a huge cue for me to get the hell out of that site with the quickness.

To be fair that site has useful strategy info.

But don’t learn how to run before you wall st… I mean walk

hehe. wall start

wall start

uh. oh yeah I’m going to your site and watching the video now. I hope Cammy is in a match somewhere

Also, fastest way to improve is to learn the range and speed of your furthest ranged poke.

I just watched that video.

I thought my eagle was good, but man. I have a lot to learn :frowning: I also like “I love swords” Sakura :smiley:

ok seriously though. What you need to learn is, in order:

  1. How to punish huge mistakes with combos instead of with a sweep or throw.

  2. How to control range

  3. Wall start. aha. just had to say that again

Man, that guys is good… I wouldnt trash taht guys playing, and he did this at ecc…

and what eagle video are you talking about burghy?

edit: ohhh, i think i know the one… random hcf+kick moves…

You must be new, or crazy, or just want to get your ass KILLED if you’re thinking of calling THAO a retard. I am sooooo happy that I am on Thao’s good list (I sold him an A2 board!).

And you obviously have never played A2 at a high enough level to know that Rose c.strong = WAY TOO GOOD. Any player can fall victim to a strategy that he has never seen before, and to have that strategy come across you in the finals of a tournament with the whole country watching you is a lot of pressure to deal with. Sirlin knows his shit. AND he knows his A2. You will NOT find anyone that knows more about A2 in your section of the country, I don’t care where you live (which isn’t hard if you don’t know enough to NOT call THAO a retard… :eek: )

Wall start is a viable game plan. The whole idea of it is testing if your opponent can get past a certain tactic. If he cannot, there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to switch from that tactic. The “wall” doesn’t need to be vertical j.fierce. It can be throws. It can be RCs. It can be Fireball-Uppercut patterns. Test the opponent to see what their counter is. If he can get past it, you change the strategy. So you lost some life in the process… so what? You’ve sacrificed life for information (another Sirlinism). If your opponent cannot get past your first tactic, you shouldn’t give him the opportunity to get past your OTHER tactics, and in the process REVEAL YOUR ARSENAL TO OTHER PEOPLE IN THE TOURNAMENT. If you beat your first opponent with vertical j.fierce alone, your next opponent ONLY knows about that ONE move in your arsenal. He gets past that, now he has to deal with your other strategies that he has NOT SEEN to that point. This is the “STSFN” philosophy to the extreme, but it works. Wall start was enough to grant Sirlin FIRST PLACE in one of the largest Alpha 2 tournaments ever held. I’d say that should qualify it as a pretty viable tactic.

yup i’ve only played a2 when it first came out but my area didn’t have much competition. i just couldn’t imagine a scenario where a low strong dominated the whole match without retribution. maybe if someone has a video it could clarify somethings for me.

thats too bad because that site has very useful info. You shouldn’t be quick to judge, I hear that Sirlin was one of the top Alpha 2 players in the US, and his site has the best info I’ve ever read on Street Fighter.

why did he win a big tourney(forget which one) with only low strong?
1…yes he was THAT good
2…yes Rose’ low Strong is that ridiculous.

Cool, now that everyone knows what the wall strat is…
Does any body have more strats or game plans… that they know of?

In A2, Rose was blessed by the fighting game gods, and received c.strong. It’s the same principle as present c.FP that we all know and hate. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it was the original c.FP. It had priority, speed, decent range, and GOOD recovery. She could throw out two in a row which beat out everything, and then shifted the game to spacing, always in her favor. She was at the perfect distance to counter anything you attempt. If you played A2, then you would know why the range she was placed at afterwards, made her a counter whore. Much of it was on reaction. There wasn’t really much to guess about. Remember, in A2, there are no free rolls, low jumps, JD, parries, or RC’s. I know me talking about it won’t prove anything. It’s one of those things you have to see to believe. Rose random c.strong > Jesus s.RH… Just thank god there was no guard bar. C.strong would have crushed that shit like a mountain on top of a Pepsi can.

Jive Out!

I remember A2… Valle CC’s and Cr.strong mmmmm…

Stop talking about A2 already… nobody plays that game except my man Akuma.

I didn’t realize it, but a lot of what I do with my A-groove is actually wall start. With Sakura, I’ll build meter with dive kicks from far away for example. Only after Sagat smartens up and throws a LP tiger shot to keep me from doing that do I stop and switch to something else. With Blanka it’s electricity, Bison the d.MK, and so on and so on. Anyway, what I probably should of said is, most people who play CvS2 know how to get around lame shit like that already. Keep wall start in the back of your mind, but don’t make it the focal point of your entire gameplan if you’re still learning to play the game properly. Once people get past your front, they’ll see you have no meat and potatoes to back yourself up.