Hey folks, so I’ve been looking around and it seems like I can only find bezels in the gameshark store, which doesn’t ship to canada at all. Can anyone lead me to anywhere that sells and ships to canada?


it a Madcatz exclusive product so other than purchasing second hand on the trading outlet you out of luck


If you want a custom colored bezel, why not just spray paint it?


you guys make goodpoints, props and thanks


Given how much Mad Catz charges for customized colors,

you have to decide whether buying a new bezel is worth it…

IF you’re going with black or white color schemes, then my answer would be an emphatic NO! You can easily buy a vinyl/VHT paint and spray paint any existing TE bezel sold with a Mad Catz joystick white or black… (I’m planning on spraying a white bezel I pulled from an MvC2 joystick black when the weather gets to at least 75 degrees.) The spraypaint shouldn’t cost more than 50-60% retail price of the GameShark bezels (before shipping is added in).

As for other color shades, it can be difficult and a potential waste of time trying to color match Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons. The molded plastic has unique shade values that spraypaint often can’t match. Granted, the bezels are matched to Sanwa mold colors (Seimitsu hardware tends to have noticeably lighter mold colors) BUT if you were trying to color-match to an overall button color scheme or a plain balltop/meshball then a visit to the GameShark store might not be a bad idea.