BH infinites

well just posting two vids to showcase BH jumpimg RH infinites


short short(call cyclops) sj. RH demons. land jump RH demonsxxxAD. land jump back RH demonsxxxad repeat.

you can reset the infinite if you manipulate the jumping.



basically same as above. except it starts of with jump in fierce demons sj RH demons

this catches ppl off guard if they dont know the properties of the fierce demons lol

Don’t forget Flying Guy’s corner s.RK sjc infinite (on mid/large chars)…also on youtube somewhere…

nah that one aint practical that y i havent recorded myself doing it lol

thanx for the love. no homo. every once ina while ill get a new post on utube about it

although maybe not very practical, its slick, fun to watch, and about an 8 on the “WTF” audience factor. im always down to chat BH with anyone… just hit me on PM cause i rarely check this. btw, with bh/cable/commando… do the SJ. RH demons infxx into team super…equals dead sentinel. haha good stuff.

BH is king.
Stilman for prez

Hate when people say no homo.

Kinda makes us think if they’re really homo or not… we know you’re not homo, man.

Come on, now.

p.s. the vids are great… like hearing ya bang your buttons hehe

ya, i was sitting RIGHT next to the camera.

no pedo.

lmao no pedo.

My mom calls people Pedo Bears now that she’s heard me say it so much

“ohh Tony watch out for those pedo bears at night”

And her seeing Running Scared twice didn’t help it, either.

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These are done by some guy that calls himself Demon Overdose:

-he uses j.FPs on a sentinel in this one.

-he uses a j.FP on cable to bring him up to SJ height in this one.

-this is the same regular jump infinite but I thought the start up was pretty damn good.

-same regular jump infinite but the guy resets it back into the infinite.

^^^^ thats the blackheartking baby

sentinel one is way more complex that that lol

did you guys also noticed as to how much super bar he gave the other character. And the fact that the infinite took very little life. Guys the infinite is a noob trap, we all have gone through with it and decided to stop using it for a reason. i know you guys will still get hyped about the infinite, so you guys need to get beaten by someone who knows how to play and you guys gave them all the meter in the world so they could use it on you, and defeat you all like dogs (i am kidding!!!).

but seriously, guys the infinite is not worth it even if you switch in cable for the kill, 5 times out of ten cable will just smack the character to the other side of the screen and you guys wont be able to do the aHVb.

i personally hardly ever use any of these inf in serious play only in casuals.
besides when playing quality players. the occasion is rare and would rather do a damaging combo intead of it. lol

chillax joe doe…
this is basically a “look what my BH can do =P” thread lol

what the hell. I didn’t even get to post up my own stuff O_o lol
come on Joe, every true blackheart user knows that you only use the infinite in choice situations. but I’m of the opinion that learning the infinite is an absolute necessity for learning the mechanics of blackheart. BH’s becomes truly good when you learn the FP demon manipulation that I tried to display in the vids.

yeah, my bad. i didn’t mean to sound like a nagging grand ma…Well, blackheart king you are right, all of us experienced BH players went through the infinite phase at some point in time. It is not wrong learning the infinite, every now and then i have done it on some unsuspecting fools( LOL). By the way, i must stress that you should only use the infinite for fun do not count on it in competitive play.

anyway, i want to remind everyone that there is a tournament on saturday 6/7/08in China Town fair in New York. If there is any blackheart player within the tri-state area or near NY please attend this tournament.

So come to CF in new york, and if you are not going to participate at least watch then you’ll know in what level you guys are at.

are there any EC BH players?

raises hand

hey lol
you goin to evo

or is beastcoast only attending SB3?

I decided to put up this BH infinite set up using the launch, sj.FP to air dash, sj.RH
not exactly practical, hella hard to do, but definitely something to consider if you want to try a crowd pleaser.

also here’s a nice cross up from the infinite to reset the infinite. definitely hard to guard against

^the first one caught my eye!!

First, all the videos are removed. Second, I need to see the jumping hp into sj jk, airdash hk, land repeat exactly version on average sized characters.