BHC alternate inputs. Just foudn a "new" one

Hey, I know everyone has their own way of doing vegas ultra, but i think i found out a different way. I haven’t seen anyone post this one yet

Charge :db:, :df:, :db:, :u: :3k:
This works on the ps3 pad and analog stick. Instead of having to roll ur thumb to the up position, u can just go straight to up. This works better for me because sometimes I end up hitting the 3 kicks before I get to :ub:. It seems to be faster to input too! I know it’s not a TRUE shortcut, the game registers u pressing all the directions, but it feels faster and easier to me, maybe to others too.

The other ways ive seen are:

:db: :d: :df: :hcb: :ub: :3k:
:db: :d: :df: :hcb: :ub: :u: :3k:
:db:, :uf:, :db:, :uf: :3k:
:db:, :uf:, :db:, :ub: :3k: (I get this one to work rarely)

Any other shortcuts people find easier to work? For the pad and/or stick.

How do you do the second two without jumping? o.O

I think you just have to input it really fast. Kinda like how Zangief players call pull off SPD when standing.

here is a secret to zangief’s succes. zangief spd is no longer a full circle. what they do is 3/4 of a circle. so what they do is

foward, down forward, down, down back, back, up back, up + punch.

thanks to the shortcut it no longer takes a move to buffer it out you can just do that motion and whalla instand grab. and for half circle moves all you have to do is

down back, foward.

to do the down, up, down, up ultra motion you have to use a move to buffer it. or else you will jump up.

Hasn’t it always been like this. I mean, ever since the ST days? No?

In reference to your Zangief statement, if the shortcut doesn’t need a move to buffer it, why doesn’t the input credit you for a Backwards jump when the direction hits Up Back? Since the input is prior to Up+Punch, shouldn’t Gief jump backwards when it hits that point?

well if you are doing it at turtle speed then yes. but if you do it in less than a second then you wont jump. try it out, thats why zangief is so popular because its easy to do circle motions in this game. hell try doing it slow you’ll be suprised at how lenient and easy it is.

To do them without jumping u just input it really fast. I think the frames it takes to jump can be canceled into the ultra and other moves. It works better for guile because he can use the first :uf: to do his flash kick, then the second for his super.

For gief, u press kick or punch right as u hit :ub: or :uf:, so u end up getting the move out before u jump.

I duno, i’ve never seen any post regarding this thumb movement. Every tip i’ve seen people give involve hitting :uf: or :ub:, none said go straight to :u:

EDIT: I can try to get a video up of me doing the ultra without jumping if u guys want. if u go into training mode and try it a few times u should be able to do it tho. The vid will have to wait till sometime next week tho.

Going to Straight up would likely give you less control over which wall you will fly to.

Going straight up would give you no control over which wall you fly to… I assume the op isn’t aware you have control over this?

Also all characters have startup frames for their jump, so to use zangief as an example, his jump has 6 start up frames I believe… so do an spd motion ending in an upward direction, then :p: within 6 frames of this, and you spd instead of jumping.

Damn ppl, try it out before saying it’s not that useful

actually I am aware of this. and after u press up, it tends to jump to Your wall. Im guessing because of the latency with inputs, since :db: was the last direction u pressed, it ends up registering as u pressing :ub: (it’s just easier on ur thumb and feels faster to me). If u have trouble with it u could just lean towards the direction u want while hitting the kicks

I have been doing :db::d::df::d::db::l::ub: + :3k: and having no problem with it, at least not the motion itself. My biggest challenge in the beginning was timing the kick with the :ub:.

I always do:

:db::hcb::ub: + :3k:

I have trouble doing it from the 1p side though.