Bi-monthly training session in Severna Park, MD - ssf4 and everything else!

Bi-monthly training in Severna Park, MD - SSF4 and everything else!
I’m trying to start up a training meet-up at my place in Severna Park, MD - mostly for Super, but I’ve also got all other current fighting games here as well as a 3rd strike cab. PS3 and Xbox a like, we can accommodate both, so bring your own stick if you like. (SSF4, blazblue on ps3/xbox - tekken 6, KOF12, HDR, MvC2 on ps3 only - vf, MoTW on xbox only - CvS2 and everything older on cabinet)

There’s a group of about 5 of us who get together to play regularly, but I figured it was about time to open it up to the community to try to get some better competition in :wink:

This post is to gauge interest in the meeting, and see if every other saturday, around 7pm was good for people? I was thinking I’d hold the first event on the 19th.

Oh snap, I’m down.

You got a 3rd Strike cab? That’s wild.

Well… I built the cab, (blast city layout with sanwa parts) and it runs FB, ps2, or xbox versions of 3rd strike - I prefer FB. Someday I’ll find a CPS3 board and stick that in there, but I haven’t wrangled one yet