Bible Fight Online

The Satan character is top tier. Noah could probably hang with him. Don’t know about the rest of the cast but I was definitely disappointed in the unlockable characters powers.

EDIT: After playing a little more Noah looks beyond broke.

Agree, noah is easily broken. Moses frogs are also bad.

But eve’s adam uppercut seems to come out no matter what.

I could never get eve’s adam uppercut to connect…the computer always moved before it hit. I’ll have to mess around with Moses.

Noah is nasty on knockdown. Flood + Dove and you have most angles covered. Also, if you get hit while you are summoning animals, you can run by, and summon animals from the other side. It’s fun to have them run in from both sides of the screen at the same time.

Moves are not working. Lame. Mary seems low tier.

Mary is top. her walking X’s are overpowered. priority, range, AA’s…shes like CvS cammy

aw hell naw…

I was playing around with this the other day.

Mary is high tier. Her teleport is instant, interrupts even when in hit stun and can be buffered. :tup:

Don’t mess with the powers of The Baby Jesus!!!

LOL…OH WOW… LMAO.oh man this shit is too funny…**STICKY THIS PLEASE!!!
:rofl: :lol:

Who do you guys think are the hidden characters??? :lol:

I bet Judas is ONE!!! :rofl:

Seriously? Just wow.

I want teams and assists for version 2.0. And Zombie Jesus. Imagine the Jesus/Z. Jesus/Judas team.

Team Zombetrayal?

This is actually pretty decent. :confused:

if noah hits you with his animal stampede the match is over if he has more health than the opponent. he can just keep doing the stampede until time is up and the opponent will be stuck on the ground

Yep. Noah is beyond broken. The one thing that this game really needs is multiplayer :rofl:

The hidden character is god. To get him, go to arcade mode and type jehovah at the character selection screen. haha

Now thats very funny…and ironic for a JW like myself lol.

God must be"GOD TIER"

He’s gotta be invincible I mean come on…:rolleyes:

I think I’ma have to give GOD mid-tier status due to his lightning has horrible recovery even when it hits.

This is too goofy lol…

eves’ z seems really good…

Mozes and Noah are broke…

Mozes has projectlie trap in corner… and Naoh has infinite stampede lol… Wheres the 360 character…

You’d think jesus would be like gill in that he can self ressurect. THIS GAME SUCKS AND IT DOESNT EVEN MATCH BIBLE FAX.

LOL. I’m almost interested enough to check this out. Oh and whoever said this game needs to be like Marvel…spot on. Holy assists FTW.