Bible Fight Online

This game is like a wtf mate. Its a pretty damned good flash game too haha.

You don’t even have to keep doing the stampede. You can just throw birds and it still keeps them knocked down. Hilarity.

So…what do strats do i need to master?

I dont see how its ironic or funny

Maybe because you aint a Jehovah’s Witness are you?

Well duh!! :rofl:

As far as strats I dont know… abuse projectiles…

its not one bit… but i wont go there.:rolleyes:

I still dont get how hey the hell you can make GOD not be that good…maybe it aint the “Real Form of God”

It dont make any sense.

Jesus looks pretty worn and torn in the game. Maybe he’s the ‘on the cross’ jesus. Pre-Cross Jesus or Easter Jesus would be pretty broken so of course they couldn’t make him good.

So how do you get God? Ive tried typing in “jehovah” at the arcade screen but nothing happens. Is there a place to type it?

edit: nevermind i’m dumb

Even Ressurection Jesus would have to be broken…he’d have to make Gill look like nothing…

Do you know who “Jehova” is?

What do you mean do I know who Jehovah is? Dude I have been a Jehovahs witness all my life almost…the reason thats the thing in the game is because thats GODS FIRST NAME…

Coincidence aint it??

I think not…So I found it rather funny…because most Bibles have the name taken out…

So I know my shit dude…The name is replaced with LORD GOD in the Bible…

so its nice to see a game that acknowledges that. :tup:

But still…in the game he sucks??? :wtf: I can’t get over that hahaha :rofl:

I don’t see why Jesus can’t do a Shoryuken.

Just sayin’.


I don’t know why but this made me laugh. Wait…yeah I do. Pre-Cross Jesus. I can just see that being abbreviated as “PC Jesus”. LOL Jesus palette swaps.

where’s samson at?


When I first saw the tv spot for this game I reached towards my wallet so that I could purchase it immediately. I’ll play it when I get home.

They need to make God’s Shoryu completely invincible, and hit for half life.

Wow, J-dubs representin’! :tup:

Yes. An awful englishized version of yhwh.

I say Moshi is top tier and I haven’t even tried it out.

Character breakdown:

Eve: Low tier. There’s nothing she does that other characters can’t do better.

Noah: Jump away and buffer in specials forever. The dove can be jumped over, so animals are your best bet. He’s not unbeatable because you can block animals early and then punish him.

Moses: Great range, plus his fireball is insane. It’s hard to stop him if you’re not Mary.

Mary: Experts only. Teleport out of hitstun lets her get out of all the broken stuff the other characters do.

Satan: Noah with an extra short-ranged special. You can do the dog over and over, and unlike the animals, you’re totally invincible.

Jesus: Cross is really good, but since the other characters can stay out of its range, he’s not so great.

God: Punch a couple times, then Uppercut -> transform into a better character. :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s right…see this man knows his shit!!!

Or as I seen it spelled before “Yahweh.”