Bicardi 151 & everclear Drinking tournament

What do you guys think?

I’m a bicardi scrub, but I will do my best if enough people enter ;(

yeah, everclear tournament + underage people who don’t know wtf everclear is = a worse problem than the gambling last year at cal poly

sounds smart =x

Drinking everclear is the smartest thing anyone could do. besides I’m saving everclear for the finals.

Bacardi 151? Man, I’ll take that shit any day hands down.

this best be done in a hotel room

and somewhere very very close to a bucket / sink / toilet of some kind
anyway, lets rush that shit down.

cant even spell Bacardi…

tsk tsk…

Yeah I know, I’ve read the rules party pooper. I’m not getting arrested over that shit.

All I know is I can drink a pint of it and still walk straight.

People still intrested? I might do a mini one at the console tournament I’m holding in nor cal:

man, just drink for fun and chillin. or play some games loser takes a shot but dont have a straight out drinking contest that shit isnt fun i know. someone ends up throwin up and your night is fucked, so the “winner” is usually the real loser at the end heh.


I’ll stick to cocktail waitresses, rum, and vodka…unless they have a video poker bar in which case yager’ll be my friend.


Don’t be a bitch… do a mix drink… 1 shot of 151 in the left nostril… 1 shot of everclear in the right… if you can’t do it… you ain’t hardcore!!.. OMFGjlkajlkdfjlkjdflkjdlkjljskljaf uber…

…gonna have to name this the alcohol poisoning thread…


I think somebody is going to die.

^^LOL I wouldnt be the least bit surprised. Be careful guys.