"Big" and/or "fat" characters in fighting games

For some reason, certain (casual or competitive) fighting game players seem to automatically think that the big or “fat” characters are terrible.

I encounter people like this in every fighting game I play. In Tekken 6, I was trying to learn Bob after being inspired by NYC Fab, and one guy goes “why the hell are you picking Bob? he sucks!” and I was like “why does he suck?”. His reply was “look at him!” and then everyone starts laughing at me. Motivated to prove him wrong of course, I beat his Hwoarang several times in a row, and he blamed every match on flukes, stuff not working, etc. He even said the wins “aren’t that impressive because he wasn’t trying that hard” (lol).

Strangely enough, this wasn’t the first time that has happened. Similar things have happened in Melee/Brawl (Jigglypuff/King Dedede, respectively), Soul Calibur (Nightmare/Astaroth), and Street Fighter (Zangief, E.Honda).

I don’t get it. Why do people look at fat characters and think they suck? It’s a video game…the character models are just that, models. The programmers have the freedom to code movements and actions to be as fast or as slow as they desire, and just because a character is “fat” doesn’t mean they have disadvantages in battle compared to skinny characters. I mean, I can understand betting against a 700-pound man beating a 100-pound guy in a footrace in real life, but why on earth would anyone judge a video game character based on their “fat-ness”?

Fat people eat pringles. Remember that for the rest of your life.

The dude you mentioned is an idiot. However in defense of that mode of thought, generally form follows function, to a certain extent, even in video games. And larger characters do tend to be slower moving characters, or have slower moves, generally these will deal more damage but the decreased speed might require a less intuitive “seat of the pants” play style which to many is less fun than a quicker character.

Zangief, Nightmare,Jigglypuff and Astraroth aren’t fat. Jigglypuff sucks though.

There’s rarely any Rufus players online.

nobody likes fat people

yeah I went there

Second that puff is balls…but Nightmare…hes the king, man i wish they would make a namco x capcom fighter so i could use him in 2d…

All the big and fat characters on SF 4 are good imo. But good in a bad way since they usually got insane health and do insane damage.

this is really funny to me hahaha

also nightmare is dope

I play Rufus online and people don’t know what to do. I don’t even try any more and get wins. After the billionth Galactic Tornado and hearing over the mic. “where did my fireball go?”. I find their talent lacking because they don’t pick fat characters and learning them. Since I’m over weight myself he fits my style.

Jiggs was good in Melee, obviously not as good as the space animals or Sheik/Marth, but better than 60% of the cast, which is decent to me I guess.

@Esjihn lmao. I eat pringles too though, so does that make me fat? :frowning:

@pattybenpatty yeah, that makes sense. I guess I just have a hard time seeing that in video games, because regardless of looks or form, the function is up to the developer or the creator.

Nightmare is one of the most badass characters in any fighting game I’ve seen, I’m surprised at how underrated he is.

@kairu1 that would be sick!

@Maximus Solon yeah, I have NO IDEA how to fight Rufus. I’ve met maybe one Rufus in the three months I’ve been playing online, and he owned me. I think people need to play big or fat characters more, I enjoy playing Gief, Rufus, and Honda every once in a while even though I have no idea what I’m doing with them.


The only real legitimate reason mechanics wise that people might not like larger characters in fighting games (besides a purely looks/asthetics point of view) is that larger characters are typically easier to float combo, and in turn, can end up taking a lot more damage than other characters who are smaller and harder to float. I can see why this would be important in Tekken to a degree, but Bob is far from the largest character in the lineup.

Everyone has their own physical ideal. Some people like playing as burly brawlers, some people like flashy fat dudes, and some people like 16 year old girls. Insert joke here. If a character is good though and you have fun playing them, use them. And then use them to humiliate the people that make fun of you for your character choice.

Seriously though. Hwarang? The guy who dresses in a village people style biker outfit or his other outfit, which looks like some kind of rune engraved set of ancient pajamas? And he insulted your character because he was fat? That’s… Interesting…

Rufus is boring gameplay-wise (messiah kick is like 90% of matches) but design wise he’s pretty cool. But looking at him move faster than Ryu is a little weird.

I remember when big characters had to be slow. Though the kind of characters that I think are weak are woman with no magic powers (C viper, Cammy). And they really are weak (brute force wise)

I’ll play fatties for life.

Me too.

And in the game too.

While generally larger characters are slower and don’t really have many combos is true, the developers usually compensate for this by giving them fairly overpowered skills that can do massive damage if your able to get in on the other person… For geif a single command grab can easily = one of chun’s decent BnB combos. Grab Chun like 3 more times and she’s done with, where you’ll be spending the entire fight picking at her… As for Rufus, hardly bad… I mean there must be a reason why J.Wong mains him…

People say the same thing about female characters atleast some of my closer friends.
"why would you pick a girl? She sucks."
Then I proceed to just beat their asses over and over again until it becomes boring.

People who say that sort of thing are morons.

Top FG players love the big guys. They’re usually some of the most fun and intersting characters to play imo. Gief, Hugo, Sagat, T. Hawk, Alex, Birdie, and Sodom are all awesome in their own ways.

Landing a 720 for the win is the best feeling in fighting games.

That Hwoarang player can eat balls.

Shitty players can make excuses for themselves while we continue to hold ourselves accountable for our losses, figure out why we lost, and grow as players because of it and continue to surpass them, grinning as we beat them for the umpteenth time and they just piss and moan about how their buttons were slippery or they forgot to roll their sleeves up or whatever piss poor excuse they want to blame their shortcomings on.

sry about the mini tirade but id like to think that most of us are here because we want to improve our game and that doesnt happen when you hold yourself back with stereotypes, underestimation, and EXCUSES.