Big arcade gear sale- posters, artwork, OSTs, etc

Hey fellas
Im in the process of getting rid of some stuff that Ive had around for awhile. All items are originals and not scans/copies. If you would like to see more detailed pics of any of this stuff please dont hesitate to ask. None of these prices include shipping. International shipping is OK. Paypal users add on 4% to cover fees, otherwise money orders are cool. All prices are USD. If you dont like the price make an offer, worst that will happen is I’ll say no, but no low ballers please.

I will entertain trades for these items;
-DC>VGA box
-x2 Sega Saturn controllers
-Legend of Oasis for Sega Saturn
-x2 pre hacked DC controllers
-x4 S shaped (sanwa) mounting plates

-Unidentified monitor for 19" chassis working- 25.00
pulled this out of my minicute cabinet just this week and can say it certainly works and the colors look great. There was a little stretching when this was on the mini
due to it not being a correct match for the tube. Model number is 688, if that means anything to anyone.

now some good stuff

-Japanese Capcom vs. SNK 2 marquee, paper double sided movelist, photocopied manual- 15.00

-Japanese PGM martial masters full artset 45.00 SOLD

-Vasara movelist/instruction card 13.00 SOLD

-Japanese Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper stickers 30.00 SOLD

  • HUGE Japanese Marvel Vs. Street Fighter poster rare -taking offers-
    this poster is a little dinged up in places but is still really awesome, it is really, really big and I have never seen one like this before. More pics can be taken if needed.


-Japanese Street Fighter 3;Third Strike Art set w/ extras 40.00 SOLD
includes both instruction stickers, marquee (I believe photocopied), manual, SIMM
manual, some notice from Capcom and CD insert.

Thats it for now, check in the next week and I may have some more cool isht for sale including a unplayed (but tested) boxed CPS3 JoJos venture upgrade kit and a dead CPS3 third strike kit.

Thanks for looking!

I’ll take both of these if you don’t mind waiting until Wednesday for payment :sweat:

they are both actually pending right now man, but if wednesday comes and they arent spoken for I’ll let you know

I can buy all 4 marquee if the buyer falls thru and be able to pay you instantly with paypal.

Do you happen to have the CVS2 marquee? I.E similar size to how the other marquees you have are?

The one in the image is rather small and I was thinking of the other marquee I notice on most games.

hey PSX, those are all sold, sorry man.

Yeah those are the US marquees and the smaller ones are the japanese marquees, definitely too small and awkwardly shaped to fit into a US cab.

thanks for the interest man

might entertain trades for certain items…

-Sega DC>VGA connector
-x2 Sega Saturn controllers
-US Legend of Oasis for Sega Saturn

let me know if you have any of this stuff, thanks!

some stuff sold but still some good stuff left

a few price drops reflected in listing


remaining things go on ebay tonight. Get em while you can!

scratch the Ebay…

got some new rare items listed! Go to the bottom of the first post under NEW ITEMS

snatch em up!


some price drops on the items that are still left.

Taking trades for this stuff so LMK if you have any of the stuff listed, thanks!